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Digitized extrusion technologies

Digitized extrusion technologies

News 25.09.2017

"In recent years, we have strengthened our presence in the extrusion industry of thermoplastic profiles, continuing the tradition of the brand "TPV - Mechanical Division", that celebrates the 60th anniversary this year," says commercial director Marco Rubbi. "Customers also appreciate the range of proposals of tool - ing for window extrusion systems, where B-TEC boasts of having many European customers, real leaders. Thanks to the continuous development and renewal needed by these customers, some avantgarde products have been developed. PVC window profile coextrusion with fiberglass reinforcements is one of the technologies developed by B-TEC for a major French group."

The good news of the last year is that some very innovative projects being under development for important Russian groups, which have been stuck for political and economic reasons over the last two years, will be resumed. These are absolutely innovative installations, for products that are very useful in infrastruc ture refurbishment, exploiting the experiences of both companies in applying reinforcements to profiles. The Russian market, however, seems to have moved, considering the requests of already acquired customers and some new ones that are approaching both companies. 


"We are noting a strong interest in highly skilled operators from India, and Asia in general. Especially for the extrusion of the medical tube, where TPV is very present. In preparation for industry 4.0, our lines have long been manage able with remote access, but now thanks to the new means at our disposal, the operator brings the control panel of the line with him around the establishment, by Digitized Extrusion Technologies displaying the panel and controlling the system from the smart phone or tablet. This is useful in the medical sector, in order to be able to intervene outside the clean room without the complicated preparation and disinfestation procedures," continues Dr. Rubbi. "This seems to be only a small thing, but we have more in store for the future, by converg ing digital technologies with the 'ana logue' experiences acquired during the long years of activity of the two companies (60 years of TPV, 50 years of B-TEC)."

The basis for future development are built, now the goal is to reach out to further markets, where a medium sized company such as Tecno System couldn't reach easily. Building a sales representative web in large and distant markets in constant developments such as Russia, Middle East, Iran, India, Vietnam and Asia in general, as well as overseas, is the new task to achieve. That's the reason of being so much concentrated in presenting the company at best in the forecoming FAKUMA international fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany.



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