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Maag is exhibiting new underwater pelletizing system at Fakuma

News 22.09.2017
PEARLO® Underwater Pelletizer

The highlight of the Maag booth will be the new PEARLO® Underwater Pelletizer: Designed to process spherical pellets for raw materials, compounds, masterbatches, engineered plastics, wood and naturally filled polymer composites, thermoplastics elastomers, hot-melt adhesives and gum bases at capacities up to 36,000 kg an hour.

Other Maag products that will be on display at Fakuma 2017 include:

The new x6 class Gear Pump offers improved volumetric efficiency and pressure capabilities that allow it to operate at reduced rpms, shear rates and temperatures, resulting in reduced residence time and energy consumption with improved production rates, polymer quality and pump life.

CSC Series Screen Changers feature a double-piston design that allows tailor-made adjustment of the filtration unit per the user's specific process requirements while allowing the use of five different filter-cavity shapes within the same screen-changer housing: circular, oval, arched, leaf-disc and candle.

Successfully applied by hundreds of customers, the proven WSG dry-cut strand pelletizing system with PRIMO E pelletizers produces the highest quality cylindrical pellets or microgranular compounds suitable for further processing. Variable system configurations allow for optimal matching with your specific production requirements and also provide the utmost flexibility in terms of product changeover.

The mill stand of a REX basicPLUS pulverizer, consisting of a mill chamber with patented disposable disc, drive, feeder and control, demonstrates the advantages of Maags pulverizing systems that are available for multiple materials and throughput ranges.

"Our systems are designed to be a one-stop solution for users as all of the components are produced by Maag companies. All of the Maag brands are focused on delivering exceptional value to their customers through a blend of product leadership and customer service," said Alaaddin Aydin, VP/GM Maag Germany.


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