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Sica: Wrapping flexible and corrugated pipe with stretch film

News 14.09.2017
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Sica is renowned for its downstream machinery for pipe extrusion lines, including automated PP strapping and stretch film coilers. The latter fit particularly well corrugated pipes compared to PP strapping systems that require extensive maintenance. The company has already sold hundreds of strapping and stretch film coilers, having become a benchmark in the sector of flexible pipe winding.

Using stretch film coilers from Sica is cost-effective thanks to their low footprint, flexibility, and reliability — which is particularly helpful when one's production plant comprises multiple downstream equipment units e.g. a wrapping machine and an oven.
Sica's Flash series coilers boast novel, patented coil packaging technology:

• Flash 700 (EP19990830514 & EP1999830450 patents) wraps pipe with film diametrically, thus fully protecting pipe coils and even the core. It supports 16 to 63 mm pipe, wrapping up to 72 pipe coils with a min length of 25 meters per hour.
• Flash 450 (PCTIB2016052545 patent) wraps pipe circumferentially with an innovative system for film/coil mutual handling, allowing for fully covering coil sides, compared to traditional solutions of competitors. This technology also results in significant film savings of up to 30%. This coiler model supports 16 to 32 mm pipe, wrapping up to 120 pipe coils with a min length of 10 meters and max coil OD of 450 mm per hour.

The advanced version of Flash 700 adjusts diameter and winding automatically. As for the Flash 450, all the essential winding settings are automatic.

Pipe manufacturers can be sure they make a right choice when opting for this reliable pipe coiling and wrapping solution from the Italian company.


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