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Illig at the Fakuma: universal machines for thermoforming

News 12.09.2017
Fakuma visitors in front of the sheet processing machines of the ILLIG UA g series

ILLIG Maschinenbau, inventor of UA universal machines for thermoforming of sheet and roll material, delivered over 60 percent more machines of the UA g series in 2016 compared to the previous year. The demand for the reliable ILLIG sheet forming technology with accelerated processes is still continuing on a high level this year as well. This high demand is based on the innovations implemented in all machine types of this series during the last years. At this year's Fakuma, October 17 to 21, Friedrichshafen, the Heilbronn technology leader in the thermoforming sector will be showcasing a state-of-the-art UA 100 g, hall A3, and stand 3208. An organizer box for screws and a stackable storage shelf will be manufactured at the same time on this machine out of 2 mm TPU/ABS sheet material, using a 2-up mold. A beam cutting press, 1600 mm x 1700 mm, manufactured by HN Maschinenhandel, subsequently punches both parts by means of a 2-up punching tool.

Sheet processing machines of the UA g series

In 2016 ILLIG delivered over 60 percent more sheet processing machines compared to the previous year (picture shows UA 155 g)

The UA 100 g presented at the trade fair stand features a maximum forming area of 960 mm x 660 mm. The machine is suitable for thermoforming of sheet and roll material. The servo-driven UA g machines work in a process-controlled manner and provide impetus for part production in terms of cleanliness in production with high productivity and quality at the same time (Cleantivity®), as well as ease of operation. The current sheet processing machines feature a large variety of optional equipment and different forming areas.

Innovation driver for thermoforming systems

ILLIG, system supplier of machines and mold systems, and inventor of the first UA thermoforming machine with clamping frame ever employed in industry, developed into a world-wide leading thermoforming company based on its innovative strength. During the last years the Heilbronn company initiated numerous innovations for automatic thermoforming machines and filed corresponding patent applications.

Competitors also became aware of many further ILLIG innovations. These innovations are employed in their machines as technological progress.

Some of the frequently patented developments in sheet processing machines are: Servo motor drive, reliable sheet de-stacking, compensation of surrounding influences during heating and reduction of temperature decrease of the heated material until forming, prevention of chill marks and obtaining a uniform wall thickness distribution during forming, reduction of cooling time by using e.g. an air shower in the clamping frame and blowers which can be individually switched in groups. Moreover, ILLIG is the only system supplier of thermoforming equipment to offer patented process-controlled cooling air guidance to ensure part quality at a consistently high level. Machine operation is simple thanks to the fact that all important commands can be found on one page, the so-called „auto page", and the online optimization support allows easy forming pressure setting in combination with a frequency-controlled vacuum pump.

Cleantivity® Cleanliness in machine manufacturing and high availability

Derived from the comprehensive expertise in the field of hygiene in form, fill and seal lines (FFS lines), ILLIG transferred the technology of cleanliness in the production process to its thermoformers. This is accompanied by improved machine availability. According to ILLIG, the trendsetting Cleantivity® concept – a combination of the words „cleanliness" and „productivity" helps to extend operating time, running time and, ultimately, quality time of the thermoforming machines, in order to achieve a high line output of high-quality parts. At Fakuma ILLIG will demonstrate Cleantivity® implementation in sheet processing machines.


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