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Water-soluble films from Mondi cut down packaging waste

News 07.09.2017
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Water-soluble film grade by Mondi is an innovative biodegradable material for packaging chemical products in small amounts

Technical Films unit of Mondi Consumer Packaging is committed to end user-focused R&D. Recently its experts created and marketed a water-soluble film for handy packaging of powdered, granulated or pressed chemical products. Being fully soluble in water, the film is best fitted for small doses of products such as bath salt or laundry/dishwasher tabs. Thanks to this film, consumers enjoy Mondi's combined expertise in packaging, polymer films, paper and coating.

The film boasts outstanding sealing and deep-drawing characteristics, makes up an efficient barrier layer for oxygen protection and dissolves entirely even at low water temperatures. Additional benefit for end users is protection against body contact with chemical products. Customers do as well increase the sustainability of their everyday life by using environmentally friendly films that are nontoxic and biodegradable, contrary to traditional polymer materials. Total packaging waste is cut down critically when using water-soluble films by Mondi.

When commenting on the new product, the company's Chief Innovation Officer, Oliver Sperber, emphasized that this film offers multiple "layers of benefits for brands and their customers alike." The company engineers are capable of customizing this film grade to particular user requirements. They provide every needed bit of support at the customer facilities in order to commission the production equipment in the best way possible. The renown of Mondi as a cross-industry system provider continually creates opportunities for developing new products. The global and local R&D and Innovation departments work closely together and with the customers' teams in lab and on site alike.

One case of such a rewarding teamwork is tabs for dishwashers packaged in flow-pack film. Teams of engineers united their market-specific expertise as to stimulate brainstorming, enhanced with on-site support by Mondi starting from project inception all the way through until its completion.

Water-soluble films supplied by Mondi are the best fit for packaging household/sanitary products — but applications in other industries are appearing constantly. One large potential area is agrochemical, for seed, fertilizer and pest control packaging. Another one is construction, where one can use this film grade for cement bag liner.


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