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Asaclean PF by VELOX – a strong addition to the purging compound portfolio

News 30.08.2017
Asaclean PF Effective Purging
Application example: Asaclean PF used to clean PEI (black)

VELOX GmbH, a leading pan-European distributor of raw material specialities for the plastics industry, is presenting a new grade to complement the Asaclean purging compounds family and close another gap in the market for high temperature applications.

The Japanese manufacturer Asahi Kasei Corp. has developed a new high-temperature type with Asaclean PF, which, unlike Asaclean PX2, does not contain any glass fibres.

Asaclean PF has been developed for a temperature range of 280°C to 420°C and, as the producer says, is ideal for the cleaning of super-engineering resins, such as PPS, PEI, PEEK, LCP and similar.

Like all Asaclean types, Asaclean PF cleans mechanically and is safe to use for the operators and the machine. It can also be used for hot runners – if the gates are larger than 0.5 mm – as well as for sealing (at a maximum of 370°C).

To date, VELOX GmbH, the Asaclean distributor in Europe, has received only positive feedback from customers and seems to have hit the bull´s eye with this grade.

"Asaclean PF will perfectly complement our purge compound portfolio. The feedback of our customers confirms the efficiency of the cleaning as well as the excellent thermal stability. We are delighted to be able to close another gap in the market. The previous type PX2 with 50 percent glass fibre remains an effective tool against black spots and carbonisation", says Enno Stapel, Product Manager for purging compounds at VELOX.


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