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Oben Holding Group is expanding its BOPA and BOPP production

News 15.08.2017

Oben Holding Group (OHG) provides American and European customers with PP, PA and PE films for flexible packaging production, films with coatings for graphic applications, and more.

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Today, OHG is rapidly entering the polyamide film production elite of the Americas, thanks in part to the new BOPA production from Brückner line the group has been investing in. This 6.6 meters wide line promises to rank as the most performant one globally by the time of its commissioning in Santiago de Chile, planned for next year. The expanded plant will be supplying premium BOPA packaging and special-purpose films for pharmaceutical items, balloons, etc.

Furthermore, Oben Holding Group is expanding its impressive BOPP film production facilities with a 10.4 meters wide line put into operation in Colombia. That is the premiere for a high-performance BOPP line of this size to be commissioned in South America. Colombian customers will seriously benefit from the cutting-edge technology of Brückner and the expert knowledge of the group in the rapidly emerging market. The new line will cut down delivery times not only in Colombia but across the entire Latin America.

Erik Sosa, the Technical Director of OHG, is confident that state-of-the-art industry solutions are the critical ingredient in the group's success when it comes to expanding production sites. Customers' demands are growing rapidly, no matter if the marked is well developed or in the transition as the one of Latin America. Large film manufacturers such as OHG have thus to keep supply schedules flexible and prices attractive, while delivering premium products. This means only the best-in-class machinery is worth investing in for production upgrades that aim at specialty or even general-purpose films. "With our historical partner Brückner, the Group feels assured to stay safeguarded – both today and in the future," concludes Sosa.


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