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Marbach: more performance in thermoforming

News 14.08.2017

Marbach has recently invested in a Gabler M98 Maxx. In July, the new thermoforming machine was delivered to Marbach in Heilbronn.

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Ferdinand Rieker, Team Leader Tooling & Service at Marbach: "On the 3rd of July 2017 it finally happened: our new thermoforming machine Gabler M98 Maxx arrived at our facility. Given the fact that the machine was delivered completely assembled on a low-loader, the final installation took only a few days. Everything ran smoothly. We are very happy about our latest addition to the family. With our three machines we are now able to fulfill even better the wishes of our customers and to offer the right solution for every requirement."

The new thermoforming machine comes with different possibilities for Marbach: because match-metal tools can now be tested extensively for their functionality and quality before being delivered to customers. Also process safety and productivity can be better optimized directly at Marbach, without affecting the production capacity of our customers.

Rieker continues: "Through the currently largest possible tool mounting space of the M98 Maxx, we can test directly at our premises all "the industry's big ones", such as tools for the Illig RDM 75K, Gabler M98 or Kiefel KTR6. This means even more performance for our customers."

Additionally Marbach will use its new thermoforming machine intensively in the research and development department. 


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