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Friul Filiere: new range of co-extruders

News 11.08.2017

Friul Filiere introduces a new line of co-extruders completely revised, both from aesthetic and functional point of view. Several aspects were reviewed according to the customers needs, improving ease of management and paying particular attention to quality, energy savings and productivity.

  • coex.hd
    Increase of extrusion axis height from 1150 mm to 1350 mm max
  • Reduction of overall dimensions of the machine
  • Optimization of extrusion height adjustment by means of a thrust bearing (very low strain is needed now to adjust the extrusion axis)
  • The machine can be equipped with a sliding system for discharging the material from the hopper.
  • Improvement of the collector with the optimization of the cooling water circulation.
  • Electrical panel vertically positioned on the rear part of the co-extruder, for easy access and maintenance.
  • Optimization of barrel heating zones cabling, inserting all wires into a new insulated carter.
  • Electrical panel with PLC and software for the management of all the machine parameters and the possibility to display: Operating Charts, Process Variables, Data and Alarms History.
  • Simplified control panel with 5mt. electrical cable for motor start/stop, screw speed change function, equipped with an emergency button useful during starting the extrusion process.
  • Ethernet card placed inside electrical panel of all co-extruders to interface all the other machines of the line and allow remote assistance.
  • A new device for an 180° total rotation of the co-extruding barrel.
  • New handles completely integrated into the electrical panel for better handling the co-extruder.


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