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X-Hance shows great versatility and environmental friendliness

News 02.08.2017

RPC bpi protec, a part of RPC bpi group, developed X-Hance food packaging film to allow for reduced environmental impact by preserving food products for longer.

Another proof of the benefits X-Hance brings is a top award received recently: the versatile film won in the Cutting Food Waste prize at Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards. The event brings attention to creative industry developments, vital to increasing sustainability attitude along the entire supply chain.

X-Hance films are completely light-tight but permeable to air. This means food products are reliably protected against light while staying fresh; thus, they boast longer storage life. Another benefit is of this film series is its high printability: you can use up to ten colors to enhance your brand image and promote your products for the end customer.

The performance of X-Hance is high and consistent when used with vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) packing equipment. The film delivers outstanding bonding strength consistency. To facilitate airflow within the packaging without compromising its performance or appearance, the packaging made of X-Hance can be perforated.

One example of X-Hance use is packaging for potatoes retailed by a top supplier. Thanks to the innovative film, greenish tint potatoes get if exposed to light excessively is avoided. This may appear a minor issue at first sight, and yet, some 730 thousand tons (5.8 million pcs) of potatoes are discarded by final customers annually for this very reason.

Andrew Green, deputy CEO of RPC bpi group, said on the occasion: "We are very glad to be awarded with this important environmental accolade. X-Hance provides numerous advantages for food retailers, making sure their products are well preserved across the supply chain while providing quality attire for a premium product image on-shelf."


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