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DualVision XXL: Inspection of large-size tubes and profiles

News 25.07.2017
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ProfilControl 7 DualVision XXL

The solidly named ProfilControl 7 DualVision XXL is a new inspection system from Pixargus, a specialist in measuring from Würselen, Germany. This is the first solution for a 360° surface and geometry inspection of large-size coated tubes/profiles to be cost-effective. A new calibration technique and an advanced camera system made it possible for the company to reach another milestone in inspection technology.

Coating of large cross-sections, would that be window profiles or tubes for power cables, involves considerable material input. Thus, even tiny defects or damages may result in high extra costs. It is fairly critical to inspect product quality on a continuous basis throughout the production. This said, traditional inspection systems for large pipes and profiles are only capable of checking major visible product surfaces.

Unlike the conventional technology, PC7 DualVision XXL inspects every visible surface of large sections completely and in a cost-effective manner. Jürgen Philipps, Technical Managing Director of Pixargus, said: "With the new system we are now in a position to also detect any flaws in large multi-angle sections of very complex structures and edges with an unparalleled inspection accuracy. This opens up unlimited potential for entirely new applications." Moreover, the new system is highly flexible as for product materials: it can handle not only plastic, but rubber and metal.

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Break-through thanks to new camera technology: PC7 DualVision XXL calibrates electronically, dispensing with the need for any mechanical actuation devices

Philipps dwells on the upgraded calibration process: "The inspection system now calibrates electronically. Mechanical actuation has been completely dispensed with. This makes the inspection process much cheaper."

DualVision XXL system can handle profiles/tubes with a maximum diameter of 260 mm as standard. It is as well customizable for larger diameters, following customer requirements.

A typical application of the new system is the inspection of large sections of PVC window frame profiles produced by a top global specialist. Here, inspection is the more challenging the more coating is customizable – and the window manufacturer offers indeed a very wide color palette with high-gloss decorative paints used. Dirk Broichhausen, Sales and Marketing director of Pixargus, brings attention to the fact that PC7 DualVision XXL "inspects more than 200 different sections of different shapes, surfaces and colors." The system is capable of recognizing tiniest defects of coating even without expensive color camera technology. Strong reflections of the high-gloss paint are handled with no difficulty as well.

Defective profiles are identified and labeled by PC7 DualVision XXL by printing. This enables sorting them out either automatically or by operator at the visual inspection desk.

The new system boasts increased rapidity as well, Broichhausen stating: "We can control process speeds of up to 30 m/min. This is possible thanks to the high data processing power of the system. The inspection experts in Würselen are confident that with PC7 DualVision XXL they have provided a very economically attractive standard inspection solution for complex-shaped large profiles."


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