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LyondellBasell: First PB-1 based polymer for healthcare

News 04.07.2017

A top global player in chemicals, refining and plastics markets, LyondellBasell has recently announced the premiere of Purell KT MR 07, an innovative polybutene-1 (PB-1) based polymer aiming at transparent and flexible applications in healthcare, e.g. IV bags and tubing.


Stefano Pasquali, Business Development & Innovation manager of the company's PB-1 unit in Europe, is confident: "LyondellBasell's continuous drive for innovation now brings to the market a non-phthalate based solution that is free of plasticizers and may offer inter-material replacement of PVC or SEBS (styrene-ethylene-butadiene-styrene) in healthcare applications. Purell KT MR 07 is the result of a highly skilled and committed team with more than thirty years of experience addressing the unique requirements of the healthcare industry."

While conventional PB-1 products are based on Ziegler-Natta catalyst, the new grade replaces that with metallocene catalyst. The latter boasts high compatibility with PP and can be successfully processed by injection, blow molding, film extrusion and conversion. Combined with polypropylene by blending and/or creating multi-layer structures, Purell KT MR 07 improves critical material properties such as flexibility, transparency or softness over a vast temperature interval. This results in both solid resistance to sterilization by steam and greater impact strength at zero Celsius and below.

As any Purell series grade, the new PB-1 follows the Purell Service Concept by LyondellBasell that provides tailored production procedures and product standards for complying with material requirements set by customers in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.


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