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TOM® Mechanical Calculation Program by Molecor

News 22.06.2017

Molecor is the top global player in development and commercialization of oriented PVC pipes. TOM® PVC-O pipes are used for pressured water supply. Molecor is strongly committed to continuous development and implementation of technical tools to support the company's partners.

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Intelligent Management of pipe networks made of TOM® PVC-O

Today, Molecor additionally improved its innovative design tool, TOM® Mechanical Calculation Program, now not only functional, but interactive and user-friendly system.

Mechanical calculations of buried pipes are critical for evaluating stresses the pipe is subjected to under various external loads. Thus, TOM® pipes must be calculated mechanically before designing a water supply network.

The software checks for installation validity based on external loads and stresses the pipe will support plus its breakage/crushing safety factors.

Software users are able to create their own projects/calculations on a personalized platform.

Reference standards followed:

  • ATV-DVWK-A 127E:2000 "Static Calculation of Drains and Sewers"
  • UNE 53331:1997 "Tuberías de poli (cloruro de vinilo) no plastificado y polietileno (PE) de alta y media densidad. Criterio para la comprobación de los tubos a utilizar en conducciones con y sin presión sometidos a cargas externas".

Entering values in the software is totally intuitive. A detailed report with all the calculation results is available. Thus, one can find the most suitable pipes for any specific installation conditions.

The tool boasts the following functionalities:

  • Project description and related calculations
  • Project/calculation management
  • Project/calculation logs per user
  • Help guide
  • Information on TOM® PVC-O pipe range
  • Help on changes necessary for validation
  • Short and detailed result reports
  • Request form
  • Reference documents
  • Terms of use
  • Software access from any device, including smartphones and tablets


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