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Contrex and Moretto at FIP 2017

News 22.06.2017

The French trade fair is an important event in the worldwide plastics industry. Moretto group took part in FIP at the booth I22/K21 jointly with its national distributor Martiplast. The group also announced that Contrex – acquired by Moretto in 2015 – would be given a separate booth S4/T3. This would enable the group to display its entire solution portfolio for plastics industry and particularly bubble film extrusion. The group offers the most advanced, complex solutions.

One example is DISCOVERY cooling rings for bubble film extrusion by Contrex.


The newest cooling rings series aims at film thickness inspection: the most stringent standards with micrometric tolerances can now be complied with due to the unique thermal sector modulation. The result is a reliable thickness tolerance below 0.8% with power savings of up to 38% at the same time, compared to traditional cooling rings.

 Three different models, 10T, 12T and 13T, are available. All of them are equally innovative, high-performance automatic multi-flow cooling rings boasting sector-based thermal modulation for the most precise and automated gauge control. The ring enables thickness tolerance reduction along the circumference, prevents melt flow canalization and misalignments.

With DISCOVERY rings, constant bubble thickness is guaranteed, resulting in raw material savings of 12...14%. The system comprises two separate cooling circuits, allowing for handling the thermal factor and the haul-off at the same time. This integration makes bubbles more stable, cooling more efficient and the entire line more productive.

The new bubble circular control, baptised EAGLE, is active over 355 degrees of circumference in less than a minute. DISCOVERY rings are managed by NAVIGATOR 9000 system, organizing the entire bubble film process. The powerful processor with a dedicated BATCH TIMING SYSTEM algorithm make a complete, automatic startup possible in 3 minutes only.


  • 2Sigma value reduction
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduced startup time
  • Increased power efficiency

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