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KraussMaffei to participate in the very first issue of PSE Europe

News 19.06.2017

June 27 to 29, MOC Munich will host the Polyurethane Solutions Expo Europe trade fair, which is a premiere. As a top global system supplier of reaction process equipment, KraussMaffei will highlight its vast portfolio of products and technologies for the professional visitors of PSE interested in PU processing. In parallel, KraussMaffei is inviting them to take part in the Competence Day Pultrusion event, held on June 28 in the TechCenter of the corporate headquarters in Munich as well.

Demand for PU on the rise, driven by the required flexibility

PM RPM 2017 05 PSE Europe RimStar
Mixing and metering systems of the RimStar series can be used in many areas of application in PU processing 

Steffen Bauer, Sales Manager Germany at the Reaction Process Machinery division of KraussMaffei, says: "The demand for long-life, light and at the same time economical PU solutions shows no signs of letting up. This meanwhile applies not only for the automotive industry, but also for other branches of industry such as construction, the E+E industry, transport, the sports and recreation industry, and medical technology. The PSE Europe, the first international specialist trade show with a clear focus on PU processing, provides us with an outstanding opportunity to present our multifaceted, modular solutions to a broad specialist public from the most diverse sectors."

The extended portfolio of KraussMaffei Reaction Process Machinery includes customised solutions for PU system foaming, advanced surface technologies such ColorForm or CCM (Clear-Coat Molding aimed at flow-coating of wood in automotive interiors), as well as automation systems for mass production of lightweight items from fiber composites. 

The former include solutions such as soft, hard or integral foam systems for car seats, dashboards, and steering wheels, as well as for office chair armrests and the like in furniture industry. Hard foam solutions serve also for insulation foaming of e.g. boilers or refrigerators. Boasting exceptional insulating and damping performance, PU is useful in construction for pipe foaming or insulating panels.

PM RPM 2017 05 PSE Europe Umlenkmischkopf
For the processing of demanding systems, KraussMaffei offers the proven transfer mixing head

"A major advantage of the KraussMaffei solutions here is their modularity. This applies both to our metering machines and mixing heads, for our mold carriers and systems, foam molds, and cutting technologies such as punching and milling," adds Bauer. 

KraussMaffei supplies a large range of high-pressure mixing/metering systems, including RimStar and EcoStar pump machines, Comet piston engines, and hybrid systems. Modularity applies equally to linear, spray, transfer, and special KraussMaffei mixing heads featuring 5...10,000 g/sec output rates, for any production requirement. Nozzle elements are available as two- to six-component options.

System suppliers along the whole value chain

"We support our customers with the conception of the appropriate machines and procedures, starting with design and simulation, and through to test runs and prototype testing. With our three technology centers in Munich, Harderberg and Viersen, we offer our customers ideal opportunities for testing, optimizing and further developing their processes in practice on test vehicles or on initial prototype components," continues Bauer.

PM RPM 2017 05 PSE Europe Schaeumwerkzeug
Molds for flexible foam applications are used, for example in car interiors, for dashboards, and door panels

Indeed, KraussMaffei is one of the few global system suppliers offering any required service along the PU value chain from a single source. These include machines, mold and trimming technologies, as well as process solutions for dry- and wet- side equipment, with automation. The corporate TechCenter in Munich boasts, for example, the equipment for testing the most varied lightweight construction processes such as HP-RTM (resin transfer molding), wet molding, or long fiber injection. Conventional RIM and R-RIM foaming technologies can be run as well. At the Harderberg facility, KraussMaffei simulates and tests foam molds, while in Viersen, cutting and trimmer solutions, e.g. stamping and milling, can be tested.

Competence Day Pultrusion by KraussMaffei

The event will highlight the new iPul pultrusion system, boasting doubled production speeds for the manufacture of highly filled fiber-reinforced plastic items. The Competence Day will host presentations and exhibitions by the company partners, including Covestro, Evonik, Fraunhofer IGCV, Huntsman, and Thomas Technik.


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