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Jaco S.A. acquired by Sanner

News 15.06.2017
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The acquisition contract signed on May 18, 2017. Left to right: Ralf Tiemann, Managing Director for Sanner Kunshan China; Jürgen Sanner, shareholder of Sanner; Sibylle Rippmann, former owner of Jaco S.A.; Tharcisse Decker, Managing Director for Jaco S.A.; Dirk Mähr, Managing Director for Sanner GmbH.

Last May, Sanner GmbH, a supplier of quality medical items and primary plastic packaging, acquired Plastina Holding AG. The latter is the parent company of Jaco S.A. from Kirchheim (Germany). Thanks to this, Sanner is currently on the way of becoming a worldwide leader in effervescent packaging.

Sanner is already a renowned producer of desiccant packaging for the worldwide healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. On the other hand, Jaco S.A. is among top suppliers of both printed and unprinted polymer tubes for effervescent pills. Dirk Mähr, Managing Director for Sanner GmbH, is confident: "Our product portfolios complement each other ideally. As a result of the merger, we have significantly strengthened our market position and have become the world market leader for effervescent packaging." The annual corporate sales of Sanner for 2016 reached 63.7 million €, and those of Jaco S.A., 13 million €.

Synergy rooted in joint competencies

Tharcisse Decker, Managing Director for Jaco S.A., says: "Together, we offer our customers one of the most comprehensive ranges of tubes and closures, combined with numerous decoration possibilities. This allows us to operate as a system supplier in the future." Mr. Mähr agrees with his partner as for the new opportunities the merger brings: "Apart from the strong French and European market, we are now also able to enter new markets such as the Middle East or Africa more effectively." In addition to this, the expertise of Jaco S.A. in printing technology can now serve new products, while Sanner's R&D skills benefit future innovative projects of the merged group.

The acquisition will go almost unnoticed by the production facilities and personnel of both companies. Customers will still be supplied from the Bensheim and Kirchheim sites. The name Jaco S.A. will remain unchanged. The cost of the deal has been kept confidential.


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