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ZSE 12 HP-PH: the smallest Leistritz twin screw

News 13.06.2017

„This twin screw extruder is the smallest machine Leistritz has ever built," said Albrecht Huber, Head of Pharma Extrusion at German Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbH, before the Interpack. "We are presenting the concept of our smallest extruder which is applied in the pharmaceutical industry."


ZSE 12 HP-PH twin screw extruder – Leistritz' small one

The ZSE 12 HP-PH realizes a throughput of 50 to 1,000 g/h and is therefore ideal for research and development. The production of clinical batches is also possible with this machine, depending on the requirements. During the design phase of the ZSE 12 HP-PH special attention was given to easy handling, simple assembly and disassembly, as well as good cleanability. The machine has a mobile design and horizontally split barrels which facilitate a look at the process. The screws are only available in compact layout in order to reach maximum torques.

„The heating/cooling system was a very important issue for us," says Albrecht Huber. "We invented an innovative concept which has not been available in the pharmaceutical market until now." It facilitates the control of eight separate heating and cooling zones, and it also has temperature probes. The heating/cooling device can easily be assembled and disassembled due to a simple clamping system. "A further highlight is the powerful drive," explains Albrecht Huber. The high torque of 20 Nm ensures stable operation at various process conditions and scale-up to the larger next machine size. After all, the geometrical characteristics of the ZSE 12 HP-PH comply with the larger ZSE HP-PH machines. All this is rounded off by a PLC control with a large touch screen that controls and monitors all necessary extruder functions like torque setting and heating/cooling.

Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbH

For 80 years Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbH with its headquarters in Nuremberg/Germany has been building twin screw extruders for the processing of plastics and pharmaceuticals. Leistritz customers benefit from the know-how in various areas of material processing such as masterbatch, compounding, direct, lab and pharmaceutical extrusion. The company employs around 190 people worldwide and keeps subsidiaries in the US. (Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp.), China (Leistritz Machinery (Taicang) Co. Ltd.), and Singapore (Leistritz SEA Pte. Ltd.) as well as sales offices in Italy and France.


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