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TIPA partnered with Jindal Films Europe at Interpack 2017

News 18.05.2017

TIPA Sustainable Packaging develops and produces ground-breaking, fully compostable bio-based flexible packaging. Jindal Films Europe is a worldwide leader in development of film solutions for specialty packaging and labelling. The two specialists made public the signature of a partnership agreement at this year's Interpack trade fair.

The collaboration of Jindal and TIPA will aim at the co-development of a brand new compostable bio-based film with high barrier capacity. The innovation will be created with snack, dairy, meat, frozen food, coffee and tea packaging in mind, and even more. Committed to packaging and food waste reduction, the companies will enable meeting new industry needs with this new development.

In the multi-material and laminate markets, no viable recycling/reuse pathways exist today. Thus, the partnership will bring a new, advanced solution meeting the requirements for a high-barrier food-grade film, disposable and organically recyclable.
Dr. Yifat Bareket, TIPA's CTO, is confident: "The collaboration between the two technology groups will enable, for the first-time ever, mutual research resulting in new bio-based, compostable high barrier films for a wider range of applications. It will ensure that innovative, barrier and compostable films, not currently available for multipurpose packaging applications, are brought to market to meet the demand for solutions that are both durable and environmentally-friendly."

"This partnership and joint development is aligned with our long-term strategy to expand with new polymers and film structures, and bring sustainable solutions to the industry," adds Dr. Pascale Wautelet, Technology Director at Jindal Films Global.

Both developers bring their unique expertise to the joint innovation project. TIPA, recently awarded with the Silver at Edison Awards for advanced flexible packaging solutions, boasts seven years of experience in developing state-of-the-art bio-based films. Jindal Films Europe, who recently made part of the CEFLEX (Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging) project, will bring in its premium specialty coating film technology in order to diversify the proposed barrier film range for maximum market appeal.

At the Interpack 2017 trade fair this month, TIPA highlighted as well its award-winning unique flexible packaging solutions. These are equivalent to traditional polymer packaging in their performance but boast the end-of-life organic waste properties equal to those of the wrapped food. Namely, these products are just as transparent, impermeable and durable as ordinary plastics. But, unlike other common materials, TIPA packaging can be safely brought back to mother nature along with food waste.

The current product range of TIPA comprises standalone and printed coextruded transparent and high-transparent cast films. The films, generally used for wrapping grain-mill and bakery products, as well as fresh produce, can be sealed and printed on both sides. Moreover, the transparent and non-transparent laminate series exists for various applications: stand-up pouches, bags, pillow packs, and many more in various food segments: snack bars, confectionary, other snacks, grains and dried foods, vitamins, etc.

Jindal Films Europe's portfolio is the broadest in the industry as for bi-oriented specialty films and water-based coated films (transparent, white or metalized). The products provide impressive barrier properties, enabling safe sealing, precise printing and increased machine performances. The company showcased its renowned brands SealTOUGH™, Alox-lyte™, Bicor™, Metallyte™, OPPalyte™, Label-Lyte™, Platinum Thermal™, and Digilyte™.


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