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News 03.05.2017

NEW: AZO cyclone screening with ultrasonic assistance

Easy to clean cyclone screener type DA 650 with extraction device

AZO cyclone screeners combine operationally safe technology with high performance and easy maintenance and cleaning. The screeners can easily be integrated into existing systems thanks to their compact design.

Safe products thanks to AZO cyclone screening technology

• complies with IFS and HACCP
• automatic elimination of foreign matter
• clean and safe finished product

End-to-end HACCP concepts in the food and dairy industries specify control screening and separation of metals as mandatory. This means any raw materials and semi-finished products are conveyed to the highly efficient, ultra-sensitive safety devices, such as metal receivers and control screeners, right upon delivery and in the production line immediately prior to filling into sacks, big bags or bulk tankers or silaging as semi-finished products. The networked control system notifies and logs incidents constantly at the critical checkpoints in the HACCP concept.

The patented cyclone screener type DA360 N with applications including control and protective screening, fractionation, separation of foreign matter, breaking up lumps and aerating products, does not required an additional dosing unit. This is why it has a low overall height and can thus be integrated into existing systems without any difficulties. Further advantages are easy opening of the machine without tools and the extraction and swiveling devices for the screen and the dosing screw, enabling easy inspection and cleaning of the screen basket and the screw. Dead space in the machine is kept to a minimum, which further improves simplicity of cleaning. The screen basket can be replaced quite simply with a "quick change" screening system.

The tried-and-tested, inexpensive cyclone screener type E is available both in painted version and in stainless steel.

Typical areas of application include:
• control screening before and during processing to ensure that no impurities, e.g. bag fibres, lumps and scraps of paper, get into production.
• control screening together with a metal detector prior to filling and packaging to ensure that no foreign matter remains in the finished product.
• breaking up lumps and aeration of flours in the baking industry.
• breaking up agglomerates that can occur in bagged goods or hygroscopic bulk solids. The lumps are carefully broken up without any loss of product.
• separation of agglomerates following drying processes.
• screening out and returning fine particles, e.g. following granulation in the pharmaceuticals industry.
• fractionation of bulk solids in powder form into assorted fractions according to particle size.

Cyclone screener type E360 with ultrasonic pulsing of screen mesh

AZO cyclone screening with ultrasonic assistance

Sonic pulsing of the screen mesh can be used or fitted retroactively in the AZO type E, DA, FA and RA cyclone screeners.

Key advantages
• Increase in screening capacity
• Improvement in selectivity
• Longer times between cleaning
• Straightforward retrofitting in existing machines
• Converter is outside the screener and hence outside the flow of powder.

The use of ultrasound causes the stainless steel screen to vibrate at high frequency. These minute vibrations prevent near-size particles from sticking in the mesh of the screen fabric. The screen mesh stays clear for longer, which in turn noticeably improves selectivity. This may result in an increase in screen capacity. The screen basket needs to be removed for cleaning far less often and this significantly increases the useful life of the machine.

NEW: Modular big bag discharge station – cost-effective and versatile

The modular concept saves money and delivery time

Flexible bulk materials receptacles such as big bags have become firmly established for handling powders in a variety of branches. They have clear advantages over sacks when it comes to transporting and storing bulk materials. They are environmentally friendly, require less operating staff and storage space and reduce costs for transport and processes.

AZO big bag discharge stations make it possible to discharge big bags without generating excess dust and to feed products reliably into the closed production plant. To improve efficiency and reduce costs even further, AZO has developed a modular concept for a big bag discharge station. The required components such as frame, support beams, chain hoist, discharging aids, big bag docking system, buffer bin and discharging unit can be chosen from a "construction set", depending on the requirements.

The entire discharge station can be configured to suit needs without outlay for design, which has a very positive effect on the price and delivery time. They are comparable with equipment from series production, however the modular station covers a much broader range of uses than a standard model, which makes it very flexible. Modular technology makes it possible to adapt the stations in use to changing production conditions with minimum outlay.

As part of a process for managing complexity, AZO will be optimising further equipment lines and meeting demand from customers for reductions in investment costs and shorter delivery times.


 AZO COMPONENTER®: Automatic, highly accurate dosing, weighing, collecting and preparing of batches for mixer feeding

AZO COMPONENTER®, circular for manufacturing crisps

During the manufacture of food, pharmaceuticals, chemical and plastic products, precise adherence to the recipes is decisive for the product quality. As the producer, you must have absolute confidence in the exact supply of your raw materials. Each ingredient must be meticulously documented.

Reasons for the automation are:
• High precision for small and large weight units
• Product and operator protection through contamination-free solutions
• Reliable batch traceability and permanent documentation
• User-friendly control and visualisation
• Great flexibility, meaning weighing various weights from 10 grams up to several hundred kilograms, variable design possible, simple to expand, easy to change recipes
• Minimised non-productive times, e.g. through process-optimised collection of components results in high speed
• Sustainable, economic solutions with high energy efficiency
• Safety thanks to experience and fully developed technology
• Global service

As the producer stresses, the circular AZO COMPONENTER® is an affordable solution when there is a limited number of ingredients. This system is recommended whenever a small number of ingredients is to be weighed automatically. With this principle, the surge bins, such as feeding hoppers for sacks, receivers that are fed pneumatically or small silos, are arranged in a circle above the collecting vessel. There is separate discharging, dosing and weighing for each ingredient. This makes parallel weighing operations possible. The AZO vibration bottom ensures reliable discharge even where flow-resistant minor components are involved. The dosing screw with a locking device ensures high metering accuracy. The products are weighed exactly onto scales/torsion balances and discharged into a collecting vessel.Once all the ingredients have been weighed and the batch is complete, it is sucked pneumatically onto a conveying scales or, depending on the area of use, immediately transferred into a mixer. This type of AZO COMPONENTER® can be used when admixtures of related products are permitted.

The version of the AZO COMPONENTER® with a linear arrangement is ideal when there are many ingredients. The surge bins with product feeding and the separate discharge and dosing units are arranged opposite each other in rows in this case. Special docking options make it quick to switch over from big bags and containers at any time. Depending on the formulation, the accumulation method is generally used to weigh raw materials into scales that are transported below the metering points. Once all the constituents are in the conveying scales, the batch can be discharged at one or more discharge points (e.g. mixer or pneumatic conveyor).

If there is a requirement for contaminant-free solutions, the ingredients can also be metered straight into a container on a mobile scales. The floor scales move fully automatically to the specified dosing points. There is an additional option of adding micro quantities with maximum accuracy by using AZODOS® negative weighing systems. Transfer of raw materials takes place without contact and there is little generation of dust thanks to a special gasket with aspiration in accordance with the raw material. As soon as the entire batch is complete, a batch report is generated and the container is transferred to the discharge point for further processing. The system works according to the accumulation method. It is more economical to carry out consecutive weighing processes than to weigh in parallel.


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