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Ampacet premieres a new synthetic tissue paper

News 26.04.2017

Ampacet presents SynWrap, a new synthetic tissue paper with increased moisture barrier properties, tear resistance and recyclability compared to traditional paper grades used for gift, floral and food wrap, other packaging types and craft applications.

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 SynWrap follows the consistent development by Ampacet and is based on Paper 2.0 Synthetic Paper, the material combining polymers and additives in a single-layer or multilayer structure. SynWrap goes even beyond that, making it possible to manufacture single-layer tissue paper with thickness reaching 0.5 mils by cast or blown film extrusion. This innovative technology provides paper tissue manufacturers with economies of scale, since downstream processes such as multilayer lamination are no longer required. Moreover, the produced paper tissue boasts outstanding dead fold ability. The new product can as well substitute for coated papers such as PE-paper laminates and wax-coated paper.

Another advantage of SynWrap is that it can be produced both in any color or with special effects resulting in inimitable textures and amazing shades, and in traditional kraft paper or white color. Various functional additives can also be used, e.g. moisture-absorbing desiccants that help to make products in a package drier.

Doug Brownfield, Strategic Business and Marketing Manager at Ampacet, is confident: "With the increasing cost and environmental impact of paper use, SynWrap, which is reusable and recyclable, provides the perfect alternative. It has the visual and tactile appeal; and even the unique sound — of tissue paper. When compared to paper, Synwrap also delivers the added benefits of strength and moisture barrier properties, for overall enhanced functionality. We're excited about the tremendous possibilities of SynWrap."

Ampacet suggests a wide range of possible applications of their new product, including food, meat and deli wrap, bakery packaging, floral and gift wrap, chewing gum packaging, merchandise bags and craft projects.


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