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A keen interest in odor reduction at recycling from Starlinger

News 19.04.2017
csm Image1 Washed Post-Consumer film scrap 05 378a084ae2
Washed post-consumer film prior to recycling and odor reduction

Since Starlinger launched its technology for odor reduction in post-consumer recycling last year, the demand stays increased. Recently, a customer of the company has placed a second order for a recycling system equipped with the new technology.

Paul Niedl, Commercial Head of Starlinger Recycling Technology, explains: "Customers are convinced by the very successful trials with their input materials in our Technical Center. Our three-step procedure eliminates even deeply embedded odors. This gives our customers completely new application opportunities for their regranulate. The last months also showed that the market is clearly in need for a solution in this area."

Post-consumer polymer waste is often contaminated with substances from food, makeups or cleaners, leading to an unpleasant smell during recycling. Another reasons for unwelcome smells in recycled granulate may be monomer residues, hydrolysis, oxidation, or decomposition products (VOCs).

Considering the polymer type, odor source/type, its intensity, and regranulate specifications, Starlinger adjusts the recycling and odor reduction process to the needs of every recycler.

The process includes material preparation, degassing, and post-treatment:

  • csm Image2 High-grade post-consumer recycled granulate 05 90f607d3a3
    Recycled granulate with no unpleasant smell 
    Material preparation: the input material is heated and homogenized in the SMART feeder until reaching the ideal operating point. Highly volatile odors are removed by this time.
  • Degassing: the melt leaving the extruder sees its surface multiplied by four thanks to the C-VAC degassing module. The result is a particularly high degassing efficiency with permanent removal of deeply embedded odors.
  • Post-treatment: the final odor extraction unit eliminates the most persistent smells consistently and permanently.

Thanks to odor reduction technology provided by Starlinger, post-consumer plastic recyclers now enjoy top and uniform regranulate quality with up to 100 per cent reuse plus permanent odor reduction.



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