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Solid.Cooling from Greiner: Extended Net Production Time

News 16.03.2017

In the new technology, specific sections of the calibrator elements can be made from a special copper alloy of highest thermal conductivity improving the cooling effect. Optionally SOLID.COOLING can be integrated in the RED.TOOLING system and thus further enhances its performance.

How does SOLID.COOLING work?

Designated calibrator sections are not equipped with small, cross section cooling channels. As a result contamination or blockages no longer occur. Cleaning and maintenance efforts decline. The system reacts significantly less sensitive to contamination in the water circuit, as well as with fluctuations in water pressure and temperature. The use of SOLID.COOLING further increases process stability whereas at the same time the manual monitoring requirement during production decreases.

Which technology is implemented in SOLID.COOLING?


The material SOLID.COOLING is made with consists of a special, high-strength beryllium-free copper alloy with improved thermal conductivity. Unlike the usual calibrator alloys it features wear resistance.


• Prolonged net production time
• Reduced cleaning and maintenance requirements
• Less sensitive to process fluctuations
• Less monitoring requirements
• Increased process stability
• Reduced production and profile costs


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