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Extrusion 8-2018

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News 14.03.2017

Multi-inspection – online film quality control

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Collin Multi-inspection

"The innovation multi-inspection of our Polytest product line is used for the analysis of different plastics material and mixtures but also for the processing of virgin materials, compounds, masterbatches or the analysis of recycled plastics material. Our aim was to develop and manufacture a compact, robust and cost-efficient online-measuring device. The modular design of the measuring system allows the adaptation of the measuring method to the corresponding requirements of our customers", explains DI Dr. Friedrich Kastner, CEO Collin.

Principally, the Collin multi-inspection system contains three main modules – a rheological melt characterisation, an optical film inspection and a mechanical film control:

· Real-time monitoring of the melt viscosity in the form of the MVR, iV-value or the      apparent viscosity.
· Statistical error detection (gels, blackspots, etc.) in the film
· Colour monitoring in the film by CIE L*a*b system
· Detection of foreign polymers by NIR analysis
· Determination of stress-strain values in a film tensile test

An upstream melt pump provides the multi-inspection system with a constant melt flow and builds up the pressure required for the rheological characterisation. The compact design and the options to use the multi-inspection online and directly at the extruder or offline in the laboratory are also worth mentioning. The modular design of the multi-inspection unit allows individual configuration of the line.

E Entrance series extruder – the economic entry-level machine for laboratory & tests

The E Entrance series extruder is the basic version for getting started with extrusion. Designed for laboratory operation and tests in R&D, these compact lines are an alternative to the Collin P Professional series extruder. The E extruder is mounted on a movable electrical cabinet, which contains the power electrics, connections and the main switch. Collin offers several size versions. According to the modularity principle, the Entrance extruders can be integrated into different Collin lines.

P series extruder – professional machines for R&D and production

Powered by an innovative compact gear motor, the Type P series extruders can be used for R&D or production. Furthermore, different types of downstream equipment can be connected. Depending on the customer requirements, numerous supplementary equipment as well as features are available.

"The P Extruders are characterised by their abundant options of application and extension. Its compact design ensures good handling, while the touchscreen ensures optimum operation". Kastner also mentions that the P Extruders are particularly suitable for multi-layer systems as the various followup systems can individually be adapted.

T Torque series extruder – special model high-speed machine with enormous output

Collin Torque Extruder 3 17
Collin Torque Extruder

The special model high-speed Extruder Type E 30 T achieves increased output because of a higher speed. "For this high-speed model, enormous technical expertise was required, especially for the development of screw geometry and feeder thus, for laboratory tasks, the Extruder Type T is unique", says Kastner. According to the producer,  the extruder is especially suitable for pilot lines because of its high output.

The P series is driven by an innovative compact gear motor, whose drive electronics and control are directly integrated in the base frame. Different types of downstream equipment can be connected to the extruder. Depending on the customer requirement, there is a variety of supplementary equipment as well as features.

Turret winder – innovative machine for film winding

Collin Turret Winder 3 17
Collin Turret Winder

Optimum quality of the film winding is becoming increasingly important especially in laboratory and pilot operation. On the one hand, to enhance prediction of the characteristics of the films after winding and on the other, to guarantee the processing with production lines.

"Different from classical production winders, versatility and flexibility are required here. Different films or compounds with a different thickness have to be wound faultlessly." Accordig to Kastner, latest winding algorithms ensure fail-safe winding of different materials with a different thickness, strength and width. In principle, three modes are available: 1. Central winding, 2. Contact winding with adjustable pressure and 3. Gap winding with adjustable gap (0 - 300 mm).

Moreover, features of the innovation turret winder are the motor-driven lifting of the bobbin by means of the shaft, the modular design with contact slide and fly cutter as well as the very compact design.

Multi-functional coating systems – numerous fields of application

Multi-functional coating lines are used in the packaging sector, helping to produce polymer composites with carrier materials such as paper, textile, fleece or aluminium. The system allows the integration of different additional devices, e.g. corona pre-treatment, application of glue, IR-oven or other unwinders. Custom-made solutions can be delivered for flat-film extrusion, smoothening and embossing, for extrusion coating or laminating.


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