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IPS: new strand cooling trough

News 21.02.2017

As the producer stresses, in the development of the new strand cooling trough type ips-SKW 600/900, the constructors at ips, Niedernberg, paid particular attention to simple and secure operation and also to a displacement mechanism insensitive to contamination. The horizontal displacement mechanism has been integrated into the substructure of the strand cooling trough. It enables a fast, controlled approach and removal process by one-hand operation and thus reduces the downtimes.

Compared with other displacement mechanisms customary on the market, such as rail and roller systems, the trough is displaced by a lever, which can easily be accessed. As a result of its favourable transmission ratio, fast and easy displacement of the trough is possible. The ips displacement system has been registered for a utility model.

According to ips, strand cooling troughs are particularly robust systems for flexible use. The troughs are manufactured in various widths and lengths to match the processes. The fitting variants range from height-adjustable strand cooling troughs via ones with integrated process water systems through to strand cooling troughs for the pharmaceutical area.

The cooling troughs have been equipped with adjustable strand guide rollers of stainless steel or plastic, strand breakage monitoring or with directly connected strand dewatering units.


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