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Extrusion 5-2024

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Dow launches two new Recycled Plastics Resins for shrink films

Dow launches two new Recycled Plastics Resins for shrink films

News 28.06.2024

Dow announces the development and launch of its innovative family of REVOLOOP™ Recycled Plastics Resins. This launch marks a milestone in Dow’s commitment to advancing circularity and Transforming the Waste.

Two new grades of REVOLOOP™ Plastics Resins are launched and are approved for non-food contact packaging applications. One contains 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) and the second one is a formulated grade which contains up to 85% PCR derived from household waste.

“With the launch of our new grades of REVOLOOP™ Recycled Plastics Resins, we continue to expand our sustainability portfolio, working with brands, converters and recyclers to design new ways to use less plastic in packaging and to help that what is used is fully recyclable,” said Fabrice Digonnet, Plastics Mechanical Recycling Strategy Leader EMEA, Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics. 

Addressing challenges by maximizing resources

Through collaboration with long-time Dow customer, the RKW Group, one of Europe´s leading manufacturer of shrink films, both parties are achieving new circularity and low-carbon milestones with the use of REVOLOOP™ Recycled Plastics Resins. By combining Dow’s material science expertise with RKW’s extrusion and printing expertise, they are maximizing the value of recycled plastics household waste streams to achieve historically demanding applications. “This collaboration brings a brand-new collation shrink film to the market,” said Konrad Noniewicz, Director R&D & Application Engineering at RKW Group. “By integrating REVOLOOP™ 100% PCR and REVOLOOP™ containing recycled plastics household waste with virgin materials, we create a flexible packaging solution that meets the requirements for mechanical recyclability, ensuring compatibility with existing recycling processes and contributing to the transition towards a circular economy.” The final product is a collation shrink film containing PCR, partially derived from recycled plastics household waste, which meets the high requirements of well-known brand owners around the world.


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