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Next-Generation Fully Electric eMotion Welding System at NPE 2024

Next-Generation Fully Electric eMotion Welding System at NPE 2024

News 06.05.2024

Rinco Ultrasonics, a leading global manufacturer of ultrasonic welding equipment, will announce the world premiere of its next-generation Electrical Motion (eMotion) ultrasonic welding machine at NPE 2024 May 6 to10 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The new servo-driven machine, available in 20 kHz and 35 kHz frequencies, provides superior performance, cost effectiveness, and the latest in user friendly features for the medical device market, according to Serge Patamia, CEO of Rinco Ultrasonics, based in Romanshorn, Switzerland.

“Our next-generation eMotion 2.0 takes electrically-driven ultrasonic welding to a new level, pushing the limits of what our customers can achieve in weld quality and repeatability,” said Patamia. “We’ve developed a more intuitive ultrasonic system that is faster and more efficient to help manufacturers meet today’s demanding productivity demands.”

An important feature of the nextgeneration eMotion 2.0 welding system is a completely redesigned microprocessor operating system which significantly increases screen response time. The Linux Ubuntu operating system is logically structured, self-explanatory, and easy to use, enabling operators and maintenance personnel easy access. In addition, the new operating system doesn’t require a licensing agreement like Windows-based systems.

The eMotion 2.0 welding system also boasts a completely new graphical, ergonomic, and intuitive user interface. This user-friendly feature affords operators much greater flexibility, access, and speed. The user interface is easily operated via a larger color touchscreen monitor which provides quick and easy operation. The user interface also provides programmable password protection, offering many levels of digital security and protection.

A new stack mounting feature facilitates easy alignment for quickchange tools. The eMotion 2.0 welder is also fully calibratable and offers permanent audit trails so users can track all system errors and adjustments. To ensure quality and process traceability, all events and changes to the parameters are automatically stored in an audit trail protocol. This permanent audit trail along with eMotion’s ISO13485 and Class 6 cleanroom certifications help medical device manufacturers comply with the unique requirements of their industry. Traceability also helps provide quick diagnosis of any problems. A Rinco technician, with the help of remote maintenance using an internet connection, can quickly identify any issues and, in many cases, directly correct any parameter errors immediately, reducing valuable downtime.

Unlike compressed air-driven machines, in which the horn returns after every weld cycle to the mechanical home position in the pneumatic cylinder, the starting position with the eMotion can be selected freely to any programmed position. As a result, the weld cycle can often be shortened, depending on the welded object’s geometry.


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