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WM Thermoforming: The latest FC1000 IM2 thermoformer at the NPE 2024

WM Thermoforming: The latest FC1000 IM2 thermoformer at the NPE 2024

News 06.05.2024
The latest generation of the FC1000 series

The FC1000 IM2 , the thermoformer shown during the upcoming NPE, offers with its 130 US Tons the highest machine throughput per square feet currently available on the thermoforming market . Thanks to its engineered toggle and yoke compensation system it can run at the highest speed and cutting precision for any material from PET, PP, PLA and other biodegradable materials including paperboard. The ultra robust thermoformer minimizes the vibration to a minimum , which consequently results in less wearing of the cutting knives, less downtime and higher machine efficiency and productivity.
The IM2 configuration enables our customers to easily switch from the “forming with in mold trimming” to the “forming with separate trimming ” in function of the specific production needs such as dividing the precutting from the contour cutting or increasing the cutting accuracy for the highly shrinkable materials such as Polypropylene.

The inline thermoformers will now have the option to integrate a visual inspection system from WM’s exclusive partner Ausil, which thanks to an Artificial Intelligence software is able to detect different product quality issues such as defective thermoformed trays, presence of foreign objects, punch and die cutting flaws.

Flexibility and speed can be found in WM’s 3 axis robot which has up to 10 different mode settings that can handle an endless number of product designs and mold layouts.

However, the major development of the thermoformer consists of the improved and redesigned software, which is now faster, easier and primarily consists of the following:

  • Multi-user-access: several users can log-in simultaneously into the software operating system to consult all machine data
  • Graphics: new look but same logic with data request functions on demand
  • Diagnostics: extended diagnostic functions and solutions
  • Exploded views, technical diagrams, and troubleshooting manual
  • Self-setting:
    - Improved machine self-setting: The new presetting function will now automatically calculate up to 90% of its optimal machine settings and process parameters, allowing the experienced operator to shorten the machine startup time of new products and the less experienced operator to learn from the machine algorithm
    - Robot synchronized according to heaters and machine cycle time
  • OPC UA protocol to connect with Industry 4.0
  • Machine maintenance intervals automatically displayed on the monitor
  • my FX app available to check your machine from wherever you are

During the NPE show, WM also will be presenting the concept of the new FX1000 model, ready to be launched by the end of 2024. With this model, WM will be creating a new product category aiming to further enhance the features of maximum size and speed.


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