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BYK Additives plans innovation and seminar complex in Wesel, Germany

BYK Additives plans innovation and seminar complex in Wesel, Germany

News 31.03.2024
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BYK will be constructing a cutting-edge laboratory building at its site in Wesel. The aim is to generate new innovations together with customers and for customers in End use labs. Besides this, the new building will make integrated seminar and function rooms available for the numerous visits by customers. BYK Division President Dr. Jörg Hinnerwisch elucidates: “BYK is networked with its customers worldwide and, with this innovative laboratory complex, it will be creating space for effective communication as well as for developments and cooperation with our customers and distributors. At the same time, the new building will offer us more opportunities for our exclusive on-site seminars that are so much in demand.”

In the planning, particular importance is being attached to efficient energy consumption. Heating and cooling, for instance, will be entirely fueled by heat pumps and photovoltaic systems. “With regard to sustainability, safeguarding the future, and ecology, we wish to equip the building – and further adjacent laboratory buildings – with heat recovery, as well as meeting the full energy needs of this new innovations construction with 100 percent renewable energies,” Dr. Jörg Hinnerwisch continued. Added to which, sustainable materials will be deployed throughout the entire project.

An old laboratory building will make way for the approximately 47 x 18 x 14.5 meters construction with a total area of 5,100 square meters so that it can be fully integrated into the existing structure at the BYK campus in Wesel. BYK Marketing & Commercial Managing Director Dr. Stefan Mößmer: “This will be of especial benefit to our customers who seek to develop their project solutions here on site with BYK experts. It was therefore logical to plan a further story where we will soon be able to host customer events, visits, and seminars. At around 25 million euros construction costs, a particular intention of the innovation complex is to provide modern, state-of-the-art laboratories for the BYK end uses while at the same time allowing more breathing space for existing end use, applications labs, and R&D facilities.” BYK estimates a total project implementation period of around four years. Completion is envisaged in the second quarter of 2028.


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