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The future of plastic materials for 3D printing

The future of plastic materials for 3D printing

News 29.03.2024

3D printing has revolutionized the way we conceive and produce objects. With the launch of the new LATI3Dlab website, the future of 3D printing opens to a new era of innovation and possibilities. Indeed, LATI3Dlab, the R&D division of LATI Industria Termoplastici, has just made its range of AM technical materials for Additive Manufacturing accessible through its online catalog.

Scopri i materiali per la stampa 3D di LATI3Dlab

Advanced materials for 3D printing: innovation just a click away
LATI3Dlab’s new website is a showcase of innovative, high-quality solutions. The materials are designed to meet the growing needs of 3D printing in both industrial and maker environments. The LATI3Dlab division was established in 2019 as an integral part of LATI’s R&D area. The goal has always been clear: to study and develop advanced materials intended for 3D printing technology, both from filament and granule.

LATI3Dlab’s team of multidisciplinary experts, consisting of engineers, chemists, technicians and researchers, works tirelessly to offer cutting-edge solutions. LATI3Dlab’s “AM” materials are distinguished by their optimized mechanical strength, simplified processability, dimensional stability, and excellent adhesion between layers and to the printing surface.

A universe of possibilities: characteristics of LATI3Dlab materials
LATI3Dlab’s 3D printing materials boast a wide range of functional properties and characteristics: from self-lubrication to self-extinguishing, from X-ray detectability to conductivity and thermal conductivity. These materials offer a universe of possibilities for applications in industries such as electrical, industrial, medical and food.

A step forward in innovation: LATI3Dlab and the future of 3D printing
The launch of the LATI3Dlab website represents an important step forward in LATI’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in 3D printing. Enthusiasts, experts and industry professionals are invited to explore the online catalog and discover the possibilities offered by LATI3Dlab’s advanced 3D printing materials. LATI, through its R&D division LATI3Dlab, thus confirms itself as a leader in the technical plastics industry, offering cutting-edge solutions for 3D printing. With the launch of the new website, the future of 3D printing is just a click away. Discover the endless possibilities offered by LATI3Dlab’s AM materials and get ready to bring your most innovative ideas to life.


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