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Extrusion 3-2024

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Moving forward

Moving forward

News 29.03.2024

SIKORA, manufacturer of innovative measuring, control and sorting technologies, will present the entire range of current, improved and new products for quality control and cost optimization in cable production at wire 2024 in Düsseldorf from April 15 to 19. Visitors can look forward to three world premieres.

"Moving forward": World premiere of new products
At wire 2024, SIKORA will unveil three innovative measuring devices that redefine the segment of measuring technology for cable production lines. The motif of the accompanying campaign stages tradition, technology and progress and gives a small preview of the three systems of this world premiere. The accompanying claim “Moving forward” underlines SIKORA’s claim to offer its customers future-oriented solutions. “With the new products, we are bringing movement to measuring technology. Our customers can look forward to reliable, future-oriented products that continue to move forward with their performance and contribute significantly to increasing productivity and cost efficiency in production,” says Katja Giersch, Head of Corporate Communications at SIKORA. Visitors can familiarize themselves with the advantages of the systems live at the exhibition stand.

X RAY 8000 ADVANCED scaled

The X-RAY 8000 ADVANCED is used in CV lines for the quality control of cables

X-RAY 8000 ADVANCED/NXT: Remarkably efficient in CV lines
In addition, SIKORA presents further product worlds for quality control in cable production lines.

In the field of power cable production, the X-RAY 8000 has been providing precise measurements and maximum reliability for over 30 years. These are features that ensure the quality of cables during production and lead to material and cost savings. At wire, SIKORA presents the 3rd generation measuring system based on X-ray technology, X-RAY 8000 ADVANCED, which measures the wall thickness, eccentricity and diameter of cables in CV lines directly after the crosshead. It therefore provides measuring values for centering and control without delay.

Another highlight is the X-RAY 8700 NXT, which measures the final product dimensions at the end of CV lines, both horizontally and vertically. By using SIKORA measuring systems, both at the beginning and at the end of production, shrinkage values are determined for all three insulation layers of the cable. This ensures optimum process control for maximum efficiency.

PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED: Pure plastic pellets for the insulation of power cables
Particularly in the production of high-voltage and submarine cables, it is essential that contamination, which can occur during production, does not enter the insulation of power cables. The PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED uses X-ray technology and optical cameras to detect contaminants such as metal down to 50 µm in the pellet and automatically sorts out impurities. This ensures that only pure material is processed further, minimizing breakdowns, ensuring the quality of the cable and preventing follow-up costs. The function and benefits of the system will be clearly demonstrated at wire using a hybrid exhibit.

X RAY 6000 PRO 2 scaled

The X-RAY 6000 PRO measures the wall thickness, eccentricity and diameters of cables in insulating and sheathing lines

X-RAY 6000 PRO: Fascinating in insulating and sheathing lines thanks to cost savings
With the X-RAY 6000 PRO, SIKORA introduces another member of the X-ray system family. This system continuously provides measuring data on wall thickness, eccentricity and diameter in insulating and sheathing lines. These are clearly displayed on the monitor of the ECOCONTROL 6000 processor system.

The X-RAY 6000 PRO can be used either after the extruder, between two cooling sections or at the end of the line for cold measurement. From the first day of commissioning, the system enables the wall thickness to be reduced to the smallest permissible value. This results in significant material and cost savings for the user.



The FIBER TENSION is used in the drawing tower for tension measurement.

FIBER Series 6000: Distinctive measuring rate for optimum tension measurement
SIKORA’s gauge head models of the FIBER Series 6000 promise the highest performance and fiber quality. From the measurement of diameter, fiber position, vibration frequency, temperature and spinning to the detection of airlines and lumps, the innovative measuring devices monitor and control the entire drawing process. The improved measuring rate of the FIBER TENSION 6003 of up to 50 kHz enables optimum tension measurement. This makes the measuring head particularly suitable for optical fibers that are further processed into premium optical fibers. Visitors to wire will be able to see the performance of the measuring heads live in the drawing tower.

Service To Perfection: For reliability and availability of SIKORA systems
When it comes to the reliability and availability of SIKORA systems in the production line, the SIKORA service team in Bremen and worldwide subsidiaries are always there for their customers. At wire, SIKORA presents the entirety of its service portfolio. From the installation and commissioning of the devices to consulting and training, always tailored to individual customer requirements.

“Moving forward Lounge": Conversations with culinary delights
In addition to the SIKORA products on the first floor, visitors will find space for discussions with the SIKORA experts in the “Moving forward Lounge” on the booth’s 2nd level. Visitors can look forward to freshly prepared culinary delicacies and a selection of refreshing beverages and coffee specialties in a relaxed atmosphere. An impressive view of the SIKORA technologies rounds off the stay in the lounge.


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