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CMG Granulators: G17-MED – New Granulators Line for Medical Applications

CMG Granulators: G17-MED – New Granulators Line for Medical Applications

News 07.02.2024
G17 MED 1

Purpose designed solutions

CMG launches a new series of small size granulators with very unique connotates, for application in the medical industry. The very innovative and unique attributes of the new G17-MED series are several and all contribute to obtaining the highest degree of precision and cleanliness, regrind quality (homogeneous particle dimensions and absence of dust), efficiency of operation. The new G17-MED granulators are applicable to processes of injection moulding and of blow moulding. In the ET1 or ET2 configuration, they are suitable for extrusion applications.

Precision cutting for medical parts

The new G17-MED granulators series is designed to obtain the most homogeneous regrind shape and dimensions, along with little to no presence of dust. One additional very unique benefit of this new line is the ability to produce regrind with very small dimensions. Dimensionally small regrind is of no adverse impact to the quality of the finished medical product. Small capacity systems, injection moulding machines or extruders, are equipped with small diameter plastification screws, unable to process granules with dimensions exceeding those of the virgin granule. The G17-MED granulators produce regrind which is dimensionally comparable to the virgin pellet.

G17 MED 2

Design & Performance characteristics

An additional very unique and outstanding feature of the G17-MED is represented by the high quality of stainless steel grades, high-alloy and anti-corrosion treatments utilized for the fabrication of all parts in contact with the polymers

Ease of maintenance and accessibility

The entire G17-MED unit can be accessed, cleaned and put back into operation in a matter of minutes. All parts are accessible with no need for tools and can be cleaned by vacuum.

The quietest of all

The new very specific sound insulation shell of the G17-MED series is designed to convey the sound waves towards the absorption panels to obtain noise levels well below those industrially acceptable (EN12012-1)

G17 MED 3

Certified controls

The G17-MED models are all equipped with IP55 certified control panels. Also, all CMG grinding systems are certified for compliancy to Industry 4.0.

Customer Service

With Headquarters, Production Site and Technical Center in Italy, and the largest distribution network in the plastics industry, CMG is active all over the world with localized technical service, spare parts and sales centers. Find the nearest CMG service center at the following link: https://www.cmg-granulators.com/en/contacts.

C.M.G. SpA
Via Antonio Sarti, 2
40054 Budrio di Bologna - Italy
Phone +39-051-6924611
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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