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HB-Therm unveils extension to Thermo-6 temperature control range

HB-Therm unveils extension to Thermo-6 temperature control range

News 10.11.2023
HB Therm Thermo 6 61 62

As the company says, the latest models of the Thermo-6 size 62 are characterised by outstanding performance and are available in variants that enable main-line temperatures of 100, 140 and 160 °C. These models offer impressive heating capacities of up to 16 kW as well as impressive cooling capacities of 40 or 60 kW at a temperature difference of 60 Kelvin. 

What distinguishes the new Thermo-6 size 62 models from their predecessors are their high performance characteristics. These units are designed to surpass and in the near future replace the highly successful Thermo-5 size 2 units in the above mentioned temperature range. "During the development of the Thermo-6 units it was our goal to minimise the internal losses in the hydraulic circuit. By making specific adjustments we have successfully implemented this goal, resulting in a reduced pressure drop and thus an increased flow rate," explains Roland Huber, Product Manager at HB-Therm AG.

The advanced features that are the trademark of HB-Therm remain in this extension. The 'Energy-Control-Assistant' for optimising the operating points, the standard built-in frequency-controlled pump and the lifetime warranty on the heater and flow meter are just some of the features that characterise the HB-Therm product philosophy. These features are independent of the size and set the standard for quality and reliability. 

They are among the most energy-efficient temperature control units on the market and help to optimise energy consumption in production processes. In addition, the units are high-quality built and have been designed with a unique unit technology that specifically minimises whatever wear might occur. This durable design makes a decisive contribution to sustainability by extending the service life of the units and thus again saving resources and gray energy.


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