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Sesotec at Fakuma 2023 - "Economy meets Ecology“

Sesotec at Fakuma 2023 - "Economy meets Ecology“

News 24.09.2023

Premiere: PRE-SORT sorting platform

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The major highlight of the trade show appearance is the premiere of the PRE-SORT sorting platform. This platform represents a considerable advance in the plastics and recycling industry and promises to redefine precision, efficiency and sustainability in the industry. With PRE-SORT, the components VARISORT COMPACT sorter, dedusting, material conveying and central control are combined on one platform. Depending on the requirements, plastic regrinds can be sorted according to colors, shapes, metal types or plastic types. The flexibility of the platform should be emphasized: thanks to its mobile base, PRE-SORT can be used wherever it is needed. The added value for customers is that PRE-SORT enables comprehensive control over the quality of incoming material and makes them more independent of external suppliers. Thanks to sensor technology that can be combined in any way and the possibility of selecting the most diverse sorting processes depending on the material composition, PRE-SORT offers full process flexibility.

Proven metal separators and new features

In addition to the PRE-SORT platform, other established devices and systems from Sesotec will also be presented, including the FLAKE SCAN material analysis system, the GF metal detector, the RE-SORT metal separation unit, the RAPID VARIO metal separator with rotating separation unit and the PROTECTOR metal separator for extruders, injection molding and blow molding machines. For the PROTECTOR, Sesotec will present the so-called "Monitoring Package". An optional sensor unit, which is placed directly on the protector, monitors moisture, temperature and color deviations or fluctuations of the material passing through. Information on parameter deviations is passed on to a higher-level system, processes can be adjusted and the highest quality of the end products is ensured.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in service and maintenance and visualization software

Sesotec has expanded its AI expertise in the areas of service and maintenance. The new service solutions, which increase the efficiency, productivity and connectivity of plastics plants in production, processing and recycling, will also be shown at the FAKUMA booth.

Manufacturers and processors of plastics are faced with high quality requirements and increasingly complex processes. The solution to meet these requirements is the Insight.WEB visualization software from Sesotec. The browser-based platform is a customer-oriented Smart Data Management. At a glance and through intuitive customization, device performance, upcoming maintenance or potentials for process optimization as well as important changes and warnings can be easily and clearly displayed.

Dietmar Dieing, Sesotec Vice President Sales Plast, emphasizes: "FAKUMA not only provides us with unparalleled opportunities for presenting our innovative technologies, but also for intensifying dialogue with customers and partners. It's a crucial forum which underscores the relevance of progress and sustainability in our industry. For Sesotec, FAKUMA is much more than a trade fair - it's a stage for the future of the entire plastics industry." Michael Perl, Group Director Sales Division Sorting Recycling, adds, "The plastics cycle is no longer just a concept, but a central element of the modern plastics industry. In this context, the right sorting technologies are the backbone of effective recycling. They are the key to unlocking the true value of plastic waste and turning it into high-quality, reusable materials."


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