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MOCOM relies on recyclates for translucent applications

MOCOM relies on recyclates for translucent applications

News 21.09.2023
Alcom Portfolio MOCOM setzt erstmals auf Rezyklate fuer transluzente Anwendungen
An illuminated trim from the vehicle interior can also be produced with recycled content using Lighting ECO products

MOCOM now offers light diffusing compounds based on recycled polycarbonate, demonstrating for the first time that recyclates from mechanical recycling can be used in optically diffuse, translucent applications. The compounds contain post-consumer recyclates (PCR) as well as post-industrial recyclates (PIR) and are therefore produced with raw materials from secondary sources. The compounds are part of the new Alcom® LD ECO (Light Diffusion) and Alcom® LG ECO (Light Guiding) portfolios. The products are currently available worldwide from European production.

For the compound production of the Alcom® LD ECO and Alcom® LG ECO portfolios, the material streams used are carefully screened, compounded on specially designed process equipment and provided with precisely selected additives. As is customary with compounds based on virgin materials, the photometric properties are also individually adjusted and specified for the new ECO grades. These contain up to 100 percent polymer recyclate. The use of mechanically recycled polycarbonate reduces the Global Warming Potential (GWP), i.e. the CO2 footprint of the compounds, by up to 80 percent compared to the use of virgin material. In addition, only electricity from renewable sources is used for the compounding of Alcom® Lighting materials in Europe.

The ECO suffix has been established in the MOCOM portfolio for years and describes compounds formulated on the basis of PIR and PCR. Therefore, the transfer of sustainable products to the sophisticated translucent Alcom® Lighting portfolio is a logical consequence. Kurt Maschke, Senior Director Global Marketing Automotive at MOCOM: "New regulations in the automotive sector will increasingly demand recyclate-based solutions in the future, even in applications where it would not be expected. To meet these needs at an early stage and support our customers today in applications for tomorrow's indoor and outdoor lighting projects, we are now expanding our sustainable portfolio ahead of time with Alcom® LD ECO and Alcom® LG ECO."

MOCOM will be exhibiting its sustainable lighting portfolio at Fakuma 2023 in Friedrichshafen (Germany).


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