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Open House Bielefeld 23 invites packaging industry to “Unwrap the future of flexible packaging”

Open House Bielefeld 23 invites packaging industry to “Unwrap the future of flexible packaging”

News 21.09.2023

Connected by a theme of “Unwrap the future of flexible packaging”, visitors will witness an evolution of the BOBST VISION CI flexo press, designed to fit seamlessly into today’s high-pressure sustainability landscape. We will showcase the machine’s capability to run jobs with paper and the revolutionary BOBST oneBARRIER high barrier monopolymer substrate.

BOBST is poised to significantly reduce waste by curbing energy consumption and minimizing material outputs
Through innovation and collaboration with strategic partners, Bobst Bielefeld is addressing the surging market demand for paper and fiber-based packaging, and the rising preference for water-based inks in CI flexo printing. This Open House event spotlights the vital role of efficient, high-quality, paper-based packaging solutions in meeting brand owners' evolving needs.

Visitors will explore BOBST's market-leading expertise in navigating the intricacies of emerging sustainable applications involving paper substrates, mono materials designed for recyclability, and water-based inks. The event will include two demonstrations on the VISION CI, printing premium quality paper samples and featuring a precise and quick job changeover.

"We look forward to opening our doors to printers and converters on October 26," said Marco Carrara, Technology Sales Director CI flexo at BOBST. "At the Open House, we will be demonstrating that the right technology can make all the difference in supporting market success, with our VISION CI flexo press as the focal point. We operate in a world where demand for production sustainability is growing, but it cannot come at the cost of quality, precision, or speed. The pressure is on, and this is where the expertise of BOBST, connecting technology, innovation and services, truly shines."


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