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New Brabender ElaTest for efficient density determination

New Brabender ElaTest for efficient density determination

News 13.09.2023
MesssystemThe Brabender ElaTest determines the density of non-vulcanised, in other words uncured, rubber and rubber compounds

Though the areas of application for rubber are very different, the requirements for the material are uniform: it has to be robust and elastic. In the case of vehicle tyres, there is also the safety aspect, because a vehicle’s tyres have an impact on driving behaviour and they have to conform to safety standards.

The quality and processing properties of the raw materials are relevant for a high-quality rubber product. Within rubber production, density is an important process parameter that correlates with the degree of cross-linking or the hardness of the elastomer used. The determination of the density is therefore of great importance for the development of recipes and for the continuous production-accompanying incoming goods and quality control.

Fast measuring procedure without auxiliary media

The Brabender ElaTest can be used to determine the density of non-vulcanised, i.e. uncured rubber and rubber compounds reliably and quickly. Brabender has further developed the device with a focus on 

 user-friendliness, optimised it and launched it on the market in a new guise and with a new spelling as ElaTest: “With the new ElaTest, customers benefit from the MetaBridge software solution, the ergonomic arrangement of the operating elements and the stainless steel design. In addition, the ElaTest does not require any auxiliary equipment, e.g. an immersion medium for which the density must be known in advance”, says Michael Stanko, Business Development Manager Plastics & Rubber at Brabender. Optionally, there is the possibility of using the internationally recognised DAkkS-accredited calibration of the measuring system.

Automated sample scale

The new ElaTest has a built-in balance with automatic measured value transmission and a built-in computer with touch screen, which makes it easier to operate. The density of the sample is determined with the help of the integrated balance via an electronic displacement measuring system: “For this purpose, after weighing in the measuring cylinder, the sample is compressed by a piston at a defined pressure. The sample volume and the sample density are then calculated taking into account the diameter of the measuring cylinder and the determined piston position”, explains Stanko.

The stainless steel design makes the 130-kilogram stand-alone measuring device particularly robust and distinguishes it from other measuring methods on the market. It is particularly suitable for demanding environmental conditions.

User-friendly and ergonomic operation

Via the integrated MetaBridge software, which is also already installed on other Brabender devices, the measurement results can be accessed from anywhere via a web browser: “In addition, third-party systems such as LIMS and ERP are supported via Brabender WebAPI”, Michael Stanko summarises. The operating elements are now ergonomic in the further developed measuring device. This ensures improved ergonomics due to the symmetrical design of the operating elements.

Further advantages for the user are the options for multiple determinations and the statistical evaluation of the test results through the correlation software. In addition, tolerances for a reference adjustment can be set for each measurement, enabling a quick quality check.

In addition to the special application for density testing, Brabender offers a broad portfolio for processing and analysing rubber and rubber compounds. It ranges from proven measuring kneader and extrusion solutions to carbon black characterisation.


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