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Meraxis launches distribution of RC Plast regranulates

Meraxis launches distribution of RC Plast regranulates

News 31.08.2023
Meraxis und RCPlast
Management of Meraxis and RC Plast

The Swiss distributor Meraxis has partnered with the Danish recyclate manufacturer RC Plast: Meraxis will begin distributing selected RC Plast products in Europe. The distribution portfolio includes high-quality unfilled polypropylene (R-PP), such as that made from recycled fibers for technical applications. The aim of this partnership is to make it easier for plastics processors to switch to sustainable recycling material, thanks to both companies’ extensive product and application expertise.

“Due to its decades-long experience and reliable sources for materials, RC Plast can guarantee maximum quality and long-term availability,” says Dr Stefan Girschik, CEO of Meraxis. “This partnership allows us to further expand our portfolio of high-quality recyclates. As a result, we’re enabling more and more customers to switch to sustainable material alternatives. In the automotive industry, in particular, as well as in the construction and packaging sectors, we’re seeing increased demand for high-quality secondary raw materials that require guidance and individual solutions.” In order to promote the development and production of customized applications, Meraxis is contributing not only its distribution network to the partnership, but also its research and development expertise.

RC Plast has an extensive and established network of suppliers with access to post-consumer (PCR) and post-industrial sources (PIR). “Our collaboration with Meraxis will not only allow us to exploit new international markets, but also address additional industry sectors and applications,” says Allan Poulsen, CSO of RC Plast. “Our recycled materials meet all quality standards for use in technical applications. We’re confident that our partnership can help companies in the automotive, furniture, and construction industries to reduce their consumption of new materials and promote the circular economy.”

All RC Plast recyclates can be ordered in the Meraxis customer portal, where the carbon footprint of a product can be viewed.


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