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FRX and Lanxess partner for production of flame-retardant additives

FRX and Lanxess partner for production of flame-retardant additives

News 27.08.2023

German specialty chemicals company LANXESS, a global player in the chemical industry and one of the largest flame retardant producers, and FRX Innovations, a global developer and manufacturer of environmentally sustainable polymeric flame-retardant additives, have announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding covering:

  • the evaluation of a contract manufacturing, by LANXESS, of a family of FRX patented NOFIA® products,
  • the potential production by LANXESS, of an FRX patented raw material necessary for the production of NOFIA® flame retardants,
  • the exploration of potential marketing by LANXESS of NOFIA® flame retardants in specific sectors and/or geographies.

 “Being a unique polymeric, sustainable flame-retardant solution, the NOFIA® range fits perfectly with LANXESS’ existing phosphorus flame retardant portfolio and long-term strategy of sustainable flame-retardant solutions,” said Karsten Job, Managing Director of LANXESS’ Polymer Additives business unit. “We believe that FRX’s NOFIA® technology will capture important market share in this market.”

“This relationship with LANXESS is a definitive step in the growth of our NOFIA® business,” said Marc Lebel, CEO of FRX Innovations. “As a direct consequence of recently passed legislation, market dynamics have changed significantly, causing NOFIA® products to be pulled into large new application areas. LANXESS operates one of the world’s premiere Flame-Retardant Additives businesses and we believe that a strategic partnership with LANXESS can be pivotal to capturing the considerable growth opportunities ahead for us both.”


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