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SIKORA at Arabplast 2017

News 05.12.2016

At Arabplast 2017, in Dubai, SIKORA presents its portfolio of innovative measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting technology for quality control, process optimization and cost saving at the manufacturing and processing of plastics as well as during hose, tube and sheet extrusion.

CENTERWAVE 6000: Measurement of large plastic tubes


The new system CENTERWAVE 6000 for measuring the diameter, ovality, wall thicknesses and sagging of plastic tubes on the basis of millimeter wave technology.

One highlight at the SIKORA booth will be the CENTERWAVE 6000, which is based on millimeter wave technology and measures precisely the inner and outer diameter, ovality, wall thicknesses and sagging of large plastic tubes from 120 mm to 2,500 mm during extrusion. The measuring method does not need any coupling mediums and is independent of influences like temperature and the plastic material. One or two continuously rotating transceiver send and receive frequency modulated millimeter waves. The tube dimensions are determined by the runtime difference. As an alternative, a static system selectively measures the wall thickness and the inner and outer diameter of the tube with two transceiver at 4 points on the circumference. The rotating gauge head is used if the measurement of wall thickness around the complete circumference is required. In this version, even the sagging can be detected and visualized precisely. After the algorithmic processing of the received signals of the transceiver, all measuring results are practically displayed in real time. A connected processor system offers a numeric visualization of the measuring values and their graphical display as well as extensive trend and statistical functions. Furthermore, the technology offers information for the centering of the injection tools and thermal control of the line. To ensure an optimal concentricity and minimal wall thicknesses, the measuring values are used. The CENTERWAVE 6000 is suitable for the production of smooth, foam or corrugated pipes made of various plastic materials as for example PE, HDPE, PP, PA6, PVC etc. The application spectrum includes the measurement of single and multi-layer tubes.

PLANOWAVE 6000: Non-destructive thickness measurement for the sheet extrusion


PURITY CONCEPT X for offline inspection and analysis of plastic pellets.

Another device that also works with innovative millimeter wave technology is the PLANOWAVE 6000. It is a non-contact measuring system that is used for the online non-destructive measurement of the thickness during the extrusion of plastic sheets. The system is designed for the measurement of all kinds of plastic materials such as PE, HDPE, PP, PA6, PVC etc. The millimeter wave technology offers a precise thickness measurement without coupling mediums and independent of material and temperature of the plastic sheet. A calibration is not necessary. The PLANOWAVE 6000 is directly integrated in the production line or used for the final check. The measurement of the sheet is made via millimeter waves based on the FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Waves) runtime method. A linear movable transceiver continuously sends and receives frequency modulated millimeter waves. The thickness of the sheet is precisely determined by the runtime difference. The visualization of the measuring values is made in real time. The processor system ECOCONTROL offers a numeric display of the measuring values and a graphical display as well as extensive trend and statistical functions. The PLANOWAVE 6000 contributes to repeatable processes, highest quality and productivity at the sheet extrusion.

Pic3 SIKORA X RAY 6000

Top: The X-RAY 6000 measures online on the basis of X-ray technology the inner and outer diameter, concentricity and ovality as well as wall thickness of hoses and tubes.

Bottom: The LUMP 2000 reliably detects lumps and neckdowns on the product surface.

Inspection and sorting of plastic pellets

In addition, SIKORA shows the PURITY SCANNER for the online purity test of plastic pellets. The system combines X-ray technology with an optical system and detects contamination from 50 µm inside the pellet and on its surface. The new PURITY SCANNER ADVANCED also combines X-ray and optical technologies and is furthermore equipped with an innovative and flexible optical camera system. Depending on the type of contamination and application, the system can be equipped with different cameras. By using infrared and color cameras cross-contamination are detected. 5 cameras are maximally used. This means: The user gets an individual system tailor-made for his requirements.

Inspection and analysis of pellets, flakes and films/tapes

For the offline inspection of plastic materials the PURITY CONCEPT Systems offer a broad area of application due to the variable camera concept. The systems are used for the inspection and analysis of pellets, flakes and films/tapes. The PURITY CONCEPT X for example inspects pellets on an integrated movable table via an X-ray camera. A beamer, installed directly at the device, visualizes contaminated pellets so that they can be separated and further analyzed. Therefore, the cause of the contamination can be identified and eliminated. Depending on the application and the type of contamination, the systems can be equipped with either X-ray, infrared or optical technologies.

Additional product highlights

In the hose and tube area, SIKORA’s product spectrum ranges from devices for standard and high-end diameter measurement with the LASER Series 2000 and LASER Series 6000 respectively, up to X-ray measuring systems of the X-RAY 6000 series. With the precise measurement of the inner and outer diameter, the wall thicknesses of up to 3 layers (X-RAY 6000 PRO), the eccentricity as well as the ovality of products, the systems assure manufacturers the highest quality as well as cost saving and profitability during the extrusion. Furthermore, with the LUMP 2000 devices, that reliably detect lumps and neckdowns on the product surface during the extrusion of hoses and tubes with double sensor technology, SIKORA continues its technology offensive to ensure highly qualitative products and optimal production processes.


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