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Co­lor Tech­nik and Grafe go the same way

Co­lor Tech­nik and Grafe go the same way

News 18.01.2023

As a new sister company of GRAFE Polymer Solutions GmbH, Blankenhain, Color Technik AG, Widnau (Switzerland), is part of the GRAFE Group and thus expands the product range of the masterbatcher from Blankenhain in the field of high-temperature plastics, fluoropolymers, and medical articles. With the partnership of the two companies, customers in the Swiss market will also benefit from future synergy effects. From now on, Color Technik AG will be able to draw on the entire GRAFE company portfolio and offer the product range of masterbatches/combibatches and compounds in the Alpine Republic.

Color Technik has unique expertise in the field of colouring fluoropolymers and high-temperature plastics used in the target markets of medicine, dentistry, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. PVDF, ETFE, PEEK, PSU, and LCP can be used as masterbatch or compound carriers. .

In the field of compounds, GRAFE offers an extensive range of standardised electrically conductive granulates in addition to customer and application-specific plastic solutions. Electrical charges are undesirable, if not dangerous, in many components because they can cause destruction and explosions. Modified plastics can help against this. Based on scientific expertise, customer- and application-specific composite material solutions are developed. The electrically conductive and permanently antistatic compounds transform the plastic from insulator to conductor, thus opening up new fields of application.

GRAFE also offers a wide range of additive granulates, including filled and reinforced types mixed with the polymer. This results in materials with optimised properties that are specially tailored to the customer’s wishes. Halogen-containing and halogen-free flame retardants, UV-resistant films, thermostabilisers, lubricants, or antistatics are just a few examples of GRAFE’s extensive product portfolio. New products and processes are continuously being developed, and solutions are created for specific applications. In conjunction with combi-masterbatch, it is also possible to combine colour and additive.



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