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A novel Mini-Compounder from Brabender

A novel Mini-Compounder from Brabender

News 21.09.2022
Mini Compounder wth MetaStation 4E 1024x683
Mini compounder with the MetaStation 4E: The liner of the B-TSE-A 12/36 can be opened

With the new Mini-Compounder B-TSE-A 12/36, Brabender has now developed the smallest solution for recipe and process development or the production of very small quantities available in the company’s product portfolio. The Mini-Compounder is a twin-screw extruder attachment for the MetaStation 4E and 8E drive units and can be used for plastics, pharmaceutical, food and feed applications, among others: “We tested the Mini-Compounder with various polymers in powder and granule form. Here, in addition to the polymers, additives or aggregates were also added and processed into a compound”, explains Thomas Janssen, Sales Manager at Brabender for sales in Asia and Oceania. It is also possible to process liquids, pellets and micro-pellets. In the pharmaceutical sector, the extruder can be used to produce formulations for preclinical applications.

Available with a frame or as a table version

The unit measures just 1.20 metres in width and weighs 230 kilograms. Due to its small size, it can also be used as a tabletop unit. However, it is by no means limited in its possible uses: “Our various dies can all be used with the Mini-Compounder for different applications. Another advantage is that the torque is measured in real terms via the drive”, adds Janssen.

The new small-format extruder has been further developed from its predecessor, the KETSE 12/36 D. Compared to its predecessor, the mini compounder can now process standard pellets up to 3 mm in diameter. In addition, the liner is openable so that it can be easily cleaned and replaced. Processes can be observed more easily and the liner is equipped with liner temperature control on both sides, which ensures constant temperature distribution.

Temperatures of up to 400 °C are thus possible in the four separately controlled temperature zones of the unit. Cooling is provided by air or liquid cooling. A touchscreen, via which the integrated browser-based Brabender MetaBridge software is operated, ensures particularly user-friendly operation. This can be used, for example, to call up ongoing measurements via various end devices such as smartphones or tablets, regardless of their location.

Optional Extension

Brabender has many years of experience in the field of extrusion and, in addition to standard equipment, also provides customised solutions and special systems. Due to the modular design of the units, a later extension of the extrusion line is possible at any time. Before purchasing the unit, the customer can test the extruder with his own raw material in Brabender’s application laboratory and develop the suitable unit configuration together with the Brabender experts. In addition, Brabender employees from the sales, laboratory and service departments are available to support the customer even after the purchase of his system. Customer Service ensures customer satisfaction with a long-term supply of spare parts, commissioning, training and equipment-specific maintenance contracts. Interested parties will soon be able to take a look at the small extruder: “The new mini compounder will be on exhibition at this year’s K trade fair from 19 to 26 October in Düsseldorf”, Janssen reveals.



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