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Conair Extends Line of Thermolator®  Temperature Control Units

Conair Extends Line of Thermolator® Temperature Control Units

News 07.09.2022

Two new Thermolator® temperature control units from Conair -- the mid-range TW-E Series and basic TW-B Series -- feature upgraded mechanical and electronic components for improved durability and control, plus a new panel layout that improves airflow and cooling for easier inspection, reduced maintenance and maximum operating life. The new models round out Conair’s line of temperature control units (TCUs), complementing the top-of-the-line TW-T unit launched in May.

TW-B (Basic unit). Aimed at cost-efficiency for basic temperature control applications, TW-B units feature a simple, easy-to-use LCD control panel with multiple readouts and indicator lights, a 250 F maximum setpoint, and a choice of ¾ or 2 hp pumps. These basic units share upgraded components and features with the higher-end TW-T and TW-E units, including high-efficiency pumps, incoloy heaters, and new silicon carbide seals for long-term, leak-free operations even at high temperatures. All of the new units are built on a common, redesigned chassis, which reduces footprint by 15 percent (compared to previous-generation Conair TCUs) and, with the use of an optional rack, allow dual-unit stacking for additional space savings. The units also share an open-backed cabinet design that improves airflow around pumps and internal components and enables visual inspection without the need for panel removal.

This Thermolator®TW-E model represents one of two new series Conair is introducing

TW-E (Extended unit). The mid-range TW-E TCUs have all the standard features of the TW-B units, plus:

• An enhanced LCD digital control, which features multiple screen displays for normal operations, user-programmable parameters, and integrated diagnostics.
• A modulating cooling valve that automatically adjusts flow and temperature to serve varying mold sizes and process needs. Compared to an ordinary on/off solenoid valve, this proportional valve can adapt to mold changes or process variations without deadheading or cooling valve replacement.
• An adaptive maximum setpoint, which can adjust the unit’s maximum setpoint to allow for continued operation despite plumbing limitations that reduce input water pressure.
• Auto-pressure relief, which uses the modulating cooling valve to relieve excess system pressure internally, eliminating the puddles caused by an external pressure relief valve.
• Pump sizes up to 10 hp, heater sizes to 48 kW per zone, and adaptability for single or dual-zone control.
• Digital pressure transducers that eliminate analog gauges while providing real-time system pressure readings on the digital display.

The new TW-E unit also offers a long list of options, including an automatic phase detection circuit that ensures proper wiring and shaft rotation, solid-state heater controls, brazed plate heat exchanger, 300 F maximum operating temperature, a mold-purge cycle, and MODBUS-TCP Communications via Ethernet.

The major advantage of the premium TW-T model, introduced earlier this year, is the advanced Conair common control platform, which supports a touchscreen HMI and Conair SmartServices machine monitoring and data collection software. A trending feature allows users to follow machine performance using temperature and flow-rate trends on up to four simultaneous trendlines. It also offers password protection, and optional SPI RS-485 interface.



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