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motan-colortronic shows the latest developments in the medical area during MEDTEC

motan-colortronic shows the latest developments in the medical area during MEDTEC

News 17.02.2016
METRO-G complete all-300dpi

METRO G loader range

motan-colortronic gmbh, Friedrichsdorf, Germany, a producer of systems for sustainable raw materials handling in the areas of injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion, compounding and in the chemicals industry, will show the latest developments of the pharmaceutical and medical area during MEDTEC, Stuttgart, Germany, 12th to 14th april 2016.


Injection moulders producing very small parts are faced with the unique challenge of being able to dry just the right amount of material for their process. Operating in extremely critical production conditions, these smaller throughputs can present considerable problems. Consequently, it is important to scale the drying to the size of the moulding machine. The new LUXOR CA S range of dryers fits perfectly into this concept. It is also suited for cleanroom applications.

The LUXOR CA S range with hopper volumes of 0.75 / 1.5 / 3 and 5 litres has been conceived especially for the production of small and micro parts. The range is comprised of a modular line of correctly sized drying equipment helping moulders to meet the small tolerances without waste or contamination. On account of their light and compact construction, the dryers can be simply mounted on all processing machines, also when space is highly restricted. The LUXOR CA S compressed air dryers take factory supplied compressed air which is expanded to atmospheric pressure. This produces dry process air – with a very low dew point – which is then heated to the required drying temperature. No desiccant is necessary making the dryer prefect for clean room conditions. All models are equipped with a thermostat and low air flow safety switch to prevent overheating of the material in the event of insufficient air throughput.

LUXOR-CA-S Detail 6025-300dpi


Due to the wide temperature range (30 - 180°C) the LUXOR CA S micro dryers can be used for many different materials. A pre-filter cleans the compressed air. This feature prevents contamination of high-quality materials and provides optimum drying conditions. The complete drying bin body is made from a single piece of special glass – ideal for contamination critical process applications. An additional benefit of the all glass construction is its transparency. The operator can always see the actual status of material in the bin. Constant and stable conditions in the entire drying hopper are an essential prerequisite. Therefore, the complete drying hopper right down to the material discharge is heat insulated because of a double glass wall construction. This design is an important energy saving advantage. The expertly designed air diffuser provides uniform distribution of the dry air ensuring that the material – even at the material bin outlet – is kept at a constant temperature and in the required dry condition.


METRO-G valve-membrane 2822-300dpi

Membran valve for clean room applications

motan-colortronic's spotlight this year will be focused on its innovative METRO G range of material loaders. This development by motan engineers combines the latest technologies from colortronic and motan and also enhances those systems with a number of new features. METRO G's modular building block system allows users to configure and create the optimal material loader for any application. For example, a standard material loader unit can be expanded into a clean room version just by adding special vacuum diaphragm valve. A dust removal module provides for fine dust removal at the material loader, essential for some critical engineering plastics where absolutely no dust is allowed to enter the process. The system can also be fitted with modules with a tangential material inlet to provide a cyclone effect for processing those materials where a more coarse dust separation is required. METRO G allows users to configure the right material loader for their specific application.


ULTRABLEND offers clear advantages to manufacturers of thermoplastic medical devices. The processing of raw material compounds that are sometimes extremely expensive in hygienically clean operations into medical primary packaging, components, implants, instruments and equipment requires the highest levels of cleanliness, precision and cost discipline.

ub med0313 1a small


The gravimetric ULTRABLEND blender has been developed for consistently precise dosing and mixing of free-flowing raw materials – plastic granulates and additives. It improves process quality and stability and makes its own contribution towards minimising production costs. With the design in electro-polished stainless steel, motan has placed great emphasis on clear functions, minimum maintenance and easy operation in a hygienically clean production environment. All material hoppers and mixing chambers have been designed without any “dead zones”. All seams are fully welded. As a result, no residual amounts of material can build up and contamination of subsequent batches is therefore eliminated.

The ULTRABLEND is especially suitable for precise dosing of extremely small amounts of material directly into the injection moulding, extrusion or blow moulding machine. A maximum of four raw material components can be dosed by weight, one after the other, precisely as required by the recipe. They are then mixed together homogeneously in the downstream mixing chamber (4.5 litres volume) and fed into the feed throat of the processing machine. The minimum dosing amount is 3 g per component (900 g lot size). When two components are used a maximum throughput of 260 kg/h can be achieved.



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