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Dow to showcase new silicone technologies for semiconductor packaging

Dow to showcase new silicone technologies for semiconductor packaging

News 31.12.2021
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Dow technologies enable low-carbon mobility with novel silicone hybrid options

Dow will preview its latest silicone technologies for advanced semiconductor packaging at SEMICON® Taiwan 2021. These next-generation silicone-organic hybrid adhesives, silicone hotmelt solutions and silicone die-attach films (DAF) deliver improved performance, durability, uniformity and processability vs. traditional organics. Dow’s high-performance technologies are engineered to address top trends in advanced semiconductor packaging, including ever-thinner, smaller and more-complex designs, by mitigating stress from mismatched coefficients of thermal expansion (CTEs) that can cause warpage. They also provide greater durability and reliability for applications exposed to harsh environmental conditions in industries such as aerospace and automotive electronics.

Differentiated Silicone Technologies

Dow’s new silicone technologies provide fresh solutions to enable complex packaging designs, such as multi-stacked packages and coreless substrates. They also have important advantages over organics and can help customers resolve issues such as warpage, delamination, bleed-out and premature failure that can occur with epoxies and other incumbent materials.

The new DAF solutions, which are cured silicone films, offer excellent uniformity for precise thickness and eliminate fillets and bleed-out that commonly occur with epoxy adhesives. Low modulus ensures good sensing accuracy, especially for environmental sensors.

Dow’s hybrid solutions combine silicone and organics in a unique formulation. These adhesives deliver enhanced mechanical properties that silicone alone can’t achieve, such as higher modulus and strong adhesion to various surfaces. Potential applications include flip chip packaging, which can experience delamination after harsh reliability testing when epoxy mold underfill is used. The hybrid solutions also feature excellent optical properties, enabling them to be used in optical devices.

The company’s silicone hotmelt technologies, offered in three formats (film, cartridge and tablet), provide excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, as well as stress relief for warpage mitigation.



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