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Hexpol TPE: Resource Saving Materials at Fakuma

Hexpol TPE: Resource Saving Materials at Fakuma

News 12.10.2021

At Fakuma 2021, HEXPOL TPE will exhibit the following resource saving materials :

  • landscape standard 880x495 circular cork green pe44oqzftehnv8dc9o7p3wny5l4jp03jpnwo5ofgwm
    Dryflex Circular TPEs – a family of TPE materials incorporating recycled polymers, such as Post-Consumer (PCR) and Post-Industrial (PIR) recyclate. Typical percentages of recycled content are 10 to 60 % with hardness range from 40 Shore A to 60 Shore D. The Dryflex Circular range includes recently launched grades for automotive interiors, with performance testing for odour and emissions. A representative Dryflex Circular TPE grade, a 65 Shore A material for inlay mats with a recyclate content of 20%, showed a very low amount of VOC (60 μg/g) and FOG (594 μg/g).
  • Lifocork – a family of biocomposite materials that combine natural cork with thermoplastic raw materials. Lifocork materials allow for natural cork appearance and soft-touch design features. Lifocork are lightweight materials with low density. In two-component processing they bond to TPE, PP and PE. Lifocork biocomposites are used to produce sports equipment, tools, household items, orthopaedics, toys and automotive interiors.
  • Dryflex Green TPEs – a family of biobased TPEs containing raw materials from renewable resources such as plant and vegetable crops. The series includes grades based on Styrenic Block Copolymer (TPS) and Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) technologies, with amounts of renewable content to over 90% (ASTM D 6866-12) and hardness from 15 Shore A to 60 Shore D. Special grades are available with a high melt strength and drawability to produce foamed materials. Foaming enables lightweight advantages and cushioning in applications like mats, protectives clothes and seating.



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