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Lifocolor puts new production plant into operation at Lichtenfels

Lifocolor puts new production plant into operation at Lichtenfels

News 28.09.2021
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Official inauguration of the new production plant at Lifocolor's headquarters in Lichtenfels/Bavaria

Lifocolor held opening ceremonies for the new and expanded buildings at both German sites in Lichtenfels and Straufhain-Adelhausen last week.

“Our headquarters in Lichtenfels is vitally important in many ways. This is where we organise our corporate group and manufacture intermediate products that are further processed at all of our sites. It was time to expand capacities through continuous growth. At the same time, we set a benchmark in terms of production conditions for especially pure masterbatches”, explains Dr. Martin Fabian, Managing Director of the Lifocolor Group. “Our site in Straufhain is the ideal expansion of our capacities in Germany, as we can set strategic priorities in both facilities. We can specialise in different product groups and ensure high operational reliability.”

The 14,000 square metres of new production facilities in Lichtenfels, Bavaria were built according to the most up-to-date ecological criteria and meet the standards of a KfW 55 building. A 750 kWp photovoltaic system covers up to 30% of the total energy required for production.

At the new plant, Lifocolor can lower its carbon footprint per tonne of masterbatch manufactured by about 30% from the year 2018. The production facilities also have heat recovery systems and modern ventilation technology to improve air quality at the site. The production hall connects to the local warehouse with space for up to 4,500 pallets and the expanded logistics area. A modern multi-functional building holds meeting rooms, offices for departments related to production and building technology.

The modernisation and expansion measures for the Straufhain-Adelhausen/ Thuringia site were already completed by the end of 2020 and include a new 2,800 m² modern warehouse and logistics building. This hall was also built according to modern energy standards equivalent to KfW 55. The 327 kWp photovoltaic system covers nearly 20% of the electrical power required at the site. The majority of heating energy is obtained from process heat and heat pumps.



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