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Lifocolor: Antimicrobial masterbatches for effective protection

Lifocolor: Antimicrobial masterbatches for effective protection

News 07.09.2021
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Frequently used surfaces can facilitate the spread of germs and bacteria. To effectively protect against the spread and transfer of microorganisms that are harmful to health onto polymers, Lifocolor has developed a new additive. LIFOBACT masterbatches effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. The additive prevents unpleasant odours, colour changes, mildew and other harmful microbial influences on polymers to be coloured.

The antimicrobial effect of LIFOBACT masterbatches relies on a proven, highly effective silver ion technology. The additive has already achieved very good results on low doses of two percent or more and eliminates more than 99.9% of harmful microorganisms depending on the polymer used. The effect remains for a long period even after cleaning the polymer surface multiple times with common agents (e.g. washing machine, surface cleaning).

LIFOBACT masterbatches are suitable for polymer objects that see daily and frequent use. For example, this could include household objects, writing utensils, toys, packaging, furniture surfaces, synthetic textile fibres, sport and leisure goods or even electrical devices, car parts or applications from the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Also as a combination-batch for numerous polymers

The additive was first developed for use in polyolefins and polymers compatible with SAN. Other polymers can be given antimicrobial treatment as well upon request. The active substance can be used for a pure additive batch or combined with colourants and other additives (e.g. LIFOSTAB, LIFOSLIP).

Suitable for many processing techniques and food contact

Due to the additive’s high heat resistance, it can be used for injection moulding, extrusion or bottle blowing processes. The additive batches are suitable for applications with food contact and have the necessary approvals for this in accordance with 10/2011 EU and FDA.



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