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Hottest trend colours from Gabriel-Chemie

Hottest trend colours from Gabriel-Chemie

News 16.02.2021

Gabriel-Chemie presented the 21st edition of the successful COLOUR VISION colour and trend series. In the world of plastics, the Colour Vision collection is considered as a source of inspiration for product and colour concepts for brand manufacturers, consumer goods and industrial designers as well as plastic processors. Every year experienced trend scouts and innovative colourists actively work on the trends of tomorrow in order to be able to create a new COLOUR VISION collection.

Colour Vision No. 21

This year’s Colour Vision collection is characterised by a multitude of optical and haptical special effects in a combination of marbling and laser marking as well as unique effect and natural colours. In uncertain times like these, the “Re-wake your senses” and “Re-kindle your spirit” themes are meant to reflect a new start and give people courage and confidence for the future.

Re-wake your senses

Maintaining social contacts is invaluable for a sense of community. At present, however, we are experiencing a high degree of social distancing and isolation. Greeting rituals such as handshakes and hugs are currently inappropriate. This increases the need to touch and experience products with all our senses. We need to reawaken and sensitise our sensory perceptions such as smelling, touching and seeing. That is why the experts of Gabriel-Chemie are constantly working on designs and the processing of different surfaces of plastics.

With the “Re-wake your senses” series, Gabriel-Chemie demonstrates the enhancement of plastic surfaces through haptic effects via its unique laser marking. 

Re-kindle  your spirit


The pressure at work and in our private lives is increasing. Everything is moving faster. Changes in society, the economy, politics and the private sphere are the results of a year of uncertainties. An unprecedented flexibility is now being demanded of us. We have to distance ourselves from cherished habits and customs. A rethinking of our attitude to life – a new spirit – is taking place. Environmental awareness and climate protection are rising to the top of the agenda, which is reflected in increased ecological action. Topics such as work-life balance are coming to the fore and greater emphasis is being placed on empathy and humanity.

With „Re-kindle your spirit“, Gabriel-Chemie highlights the positive changes and embraces this new lifestyle through modern effect colours that visualise sustainable metallisation in plastic. While new marble and sparkle impressions radiate a positive spirit, the newly created natural colours made of biopolymer signal the company’s ecological awareness and actions.



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