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High-barrier mono-polyethylene solutions for 100% recyclable flexible packaging

High-barrier mono-polyethylene solutions for 100% recyclable flexible packaging

News 13.11.2020

Full recyclability is becoming one of the most important prerequisites for food packaging. While many current products adopt multi-material solutions and are thus not recyclable, monomaterial PE-based packaging meets the requirements for circularity and thus contributes to global sustainability goals.

RKW Group and SAES Coated Films have developed a new high barrier PE film that aims for performance and recyclability at the high level. The first customers have already successfully produced recyclable mono-material pouches, also with zip, demonstrating the production efficiency and reliability of the film.

The base film is RKW’s MDO-PE, which combines excellent processability, high temperature resistance and the use of top-notch recycled materials. It can replace stiff films such as polyester or nylon, commonly laminated with PE in multi-material packaging, thus enabling the design of mono-material PE packaging.

To ensure the barrier performance required by the market, SAES applies COATHINK®, a combination of water-based deposition and metallisation that reduces oxygen and water vapour permeation to rates below 1. The barrier material represents less than 1-2% the weight of the packaging, as recommended by the main international guidelines on recycling.

With the plastics industry moving toward sustainable solutions and contributing to a circular economy, the innovative film from RKW and SAES Coated Films meets current legislative demands. Just as importantly, it offers customers a future-proof, recyclable and reliable packaging solution.



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