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Sky Plastic becomes PreZero Polymers

Sky Plastic becomes PreZero Polymers

News 26.08.2020

Sky Plastic becomes PreZero Polymers. Welcoming the recycling specialist into the unified brand identity successfully completes their integration into the globally active waste disposal and recycling company PreZero. The Sky Plastic Group had already been taken over by the Schwarz Group's environmental services provider with retroactive effect to 1 January 2019. With effect from August 2020, by means of a unified brand name, the company is now integrated as PreZero Polymers under the umbrella of PreZero International.

PreZero Polymers has two operational sites, one in Haimburg, Austria and the other in Fonte, Italy, where it processes plastic waste bales and flakes into PP, PE, and PS recyclate products. Thereby, industrial and post-consumer plastic waste can serve as a resource for new products.

“Our PreZero brand family covers important steps in the value chain, from disposal and sorting to processing and recycling, under one roof and, with that, contributes to the Schwarz Group’s goal of closing loops within the company. PreZero Polymers is an especially important component, as we use the many years of experience of our recycling experts to create new products and give plastic material a second life,” says Gerald Weiss, Managing Director of PreZero International.

The raw material for PreZero Polymers originates primarily in Germany, Italy, and Austria. This includes the processing of material already collected and sorted by PreZero. PreZero is one of the leading environmental service providers on the market and uses the most modern sorting systems available for light packaging.

PreZero Polymers plastics recyclates create alternatives to new plastics. Applications for these include the gardening and furniture industry, household appliances, construction, and the automotive industry.



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